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Ah, summertime. That glorious time of the year where I find out at the last minute that my dad decided that our trip out-of-province is going to begin like right now instead of at the actual start of the weekend, and so I spend a day doing the inevitable availability scramble to make up for that fact!

So! I'll be off and away to Prince Edward Island, taking photos of all of that nifty Green Gables stuff, eating potatoes, and getting red mud all over my feet until Sunday. Zack is a puppy and Ino has modding rights, there. Warren is a budgie and modding rights are going to go to Karla! And Reno and Jono are going to just be laying low for a few days. Reno's herding his small gaggle of housepets around the cabins and other such important things, and Jono is going to be preoccupied with being emo making certain that Didi-the-cat doesn't eat Hendrix-the-class-assignment.

Bye, Fandom! See you on the flip side!
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So.  About That Final...

As any student of Ghanima Atreides knows, she is not big on having her students take written tests. Ever. She is much more inclined to give a practical exam. For the students taking class with Reno, it is very unfortunate that he spent two years studying with Lady Ghanima, because he's picked up some of her good habits.

You're going on a trip!  But don't worry, you'll be back in time for your third period final.

On Monday morning bright and early, students from both classes are going to be meeting at the Causeway in the first period of the day. There they'll hop a portal to a post-apocalyptic Earth at least a millennium from now, where mankind has determined the nature of the suffering of their planet, and have now begun to move forward, to put things back together for themselves without damaging their now healing world.

Field Trip Details For Terrain and Doomsday Students! )

Questions? Comments? Pie?
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It was perhaps little-known fact that lazy-assed Reno of the Turks made it a daily ritual since coming back to the island to make his way to the beach to train, every morning before sunup. This usually involved a stupid amount of coffee, yes. Which didn't hurt anything. It kept him from accidentally smashing himself in the face with his baton, or something.

He hadn't been able to sleep last night, and so he found himself out a little earlier than usual, alternating between dragging ass and hauling it, trying to get a decent warm-up in before the usual suspects showed up for their own training sessions. He had to look competent, after all, for both the Rookie and Ghanima, whoever came first.

Three steps forward, a dash to the side as quickly as he could manage without dipping into Ghanima's training. Send sand flying in all directions at a sudden stop, and then dart forward again.

He barely stopped before barrelling into the most freaky-looking hole that he'd ever seen, backpedaling like crazy with wide eyes to avoid the pull that nearly yanked him off his feet.

He wasn't so lucky with the one that opened right behind him.

So much for training, today.

[OOC: Just hopping on the establishy bandwagon! Mmm, holes in reality.]
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After a certain conversation after class today, Reno had hurried home, a frown on his lips and a million haphazard thoughts ricocheting around inside his skull that weren't amounting to much more than a whole lot of "Oh, crap."

Things were going to need re-thinking. Lots and lots of serious re-thinking. Now they weren't just trying to steer fate, the Turks were trying to Do The Right Thing in the process.

Now, all Reno had to do was... well... inform the other Turk who had anything to do with this.

And that was why he was picking up his phone and dialing. Shit shit shit.

[Contents of phone call and conversation are NFB, that there was a phone call and that Elena came over for work things is totally cool, though. For the blonde Rookie! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Or... that one, either. Dammit, she knows who she is.]
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Hey look, I have a syllabus this term! (Ooooh, aaaaaah!)

Syllabus for The Day After Doomsday - Getting By In a Post-Apocalyptic World )

Andy Gallagher, Charles Gunn, Cloud Strife, Dana Scully, Effy Stonem, Jacob Black, Jane Lane, K-Mart, Kennedy, Madison Avery, Miles Straume, Quinn Fabray, Ino Yamanaka (TA), Chloe Saunders (TA)

Barry Ween (TA)
Chuck Hansen
Eleanor Lamb
Joker Moreau
Kathy Li
Kira Yukimura
Paddra Nsu-Yeul
Tobias "Four" Eaton
Will West
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Because Tracy thought she was almost off the hook, right? (Sorry!)

Mmm, point-form.

The Turk: Reno )
The Samurai: Nathan Algren )
The Angel: Warren Worthington III )
The Psionic Furnace: Jonothon Starsmore )
The Puppy: Zack Fair )

The Mun: A Weirdo )
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Okay. Reno could do this. Reno had made a decision, and he was a big boy, here. He was totally capable of telling the Boss that he was going to set forth to do one thing that was actually good for him for the first time in damn near a year, now.

Damn near? It had been a year, hadn't it? Shit, how time flew.

Really, this would be easy. This was a matter of lifting his hand, like so, and rapping his knuckles against the door, like so, and then waiting.

And hoping to Ramuh that Tseng wasn't actually in his office, so that he could just resort to leaving him a note along the lines of 'Going 2 Fandom, BRB Maybe' instead.

Reno thought that the 'maybe' would have been a nice touch.

[For the aforementioned NPC employer, who will be played by [livejournal.com profile] findingelena today because she is awesome. NFB and NFI and all of that good stuff, otherwise.]
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Wastelands. Wastelands as far... (SPOILERS for FFVII: Crisis Core within!) )

[And done! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] glacial_witch and [livejournal.com profile] findingelena for their participation! This follows this post and is the last one we're going to tack up, honest. NFI, NFB, OOC = Love.]
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Because Reno will never turn down the opportunity to torment another minion Rookie, there's a slot open for any graduating senior who would like to do his bidding be harassed relentlessly be relentlessly harassed into doing his bidding take on a TA role in Rookiehood 101!

Comment here if you're interested, and I'll run an RNG if there's more than one taker come the end of the weekend. Comments are screened to protect the innocent!
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A church. They were taking her to a church. (Cut for possibly disturbing content.) )

[Part 3! Played with the stunning [livejournal.com profile] glacial_witch and [livejournal.com profile] findingelena, NFI and NFB and OOC is shiny like Lifestream. The first two parts are here and here, and I promise that is all the spam for tonight.]
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Admittedly, a Wednesday night was a pretty shitty night to go to any bar that didn't actually have something going on. And, in a place like Edge, it wasn't just Wednesday nights that were like that, even at the most popular stop for alcoholic swill in town. It wasn't as though people were going to get together and sing karaoke. Name that tune was pretty much a thing of the past, too. Trivia night? Not so much. But if you got Cid Highwind drunk enough, he'd tell you all about that time he spent about five minutes stuck outside of Gaia's atmosphere.

Word to the wise: Don't get Cid Highwind drunk enough to tell you all about that time he spent about five minutes stuck outside of Gaia's atmosphere.

Fortunately, Reno didn't come to the bar unprepared. He was a Turk. He came prepared for anything, thank you very much. There was a stun baton hidden up his sleeve, extra money for booze tucked away in one pocket, and a deck of cards in one hand. Tifa even tolerated his presence here because he was more or less good business, and he tended to handle her cutting him off when she'd decided that he'd had enough with... minimal leering. Which made him significantly less obnoxious than some of the folks that stopped in for drinks.

And anyhow, kicking the asses of the bar's other regulars at poker? Totally made hitting this place up on his evening off worth any unpleasant aftertaste that his allotted few servings of Corel Ale left behind.

Hey, it wasn't Reno's fault that Barrett was shit at calling bluffs.

[Open for anyone who might want to give Reno a phone call, or what-have-you. He'll probably gloat at you relentlessly, just to rile up the big guy some more.]
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So, the thing about getting care packages from the Rookies at Fandom was... Well, they were exciting to break open and rummage through. And Reno always found himself grinning like an idiot as he poked about at the contents. Really, until the Rookies started sending stuff like this, he could honestly say that (barring Fandom Island picnics and assorted acts of nature) he'd never seen so much food all in one place in his life.

With more care than he ever really bothered to admit he could take with something, he set the rum and the vodka to the side. One of those space heaters would come in handy right... right there, in the corner. By Mako, so that the ferret could stay warm. The seeds could sit over there, on that shelf by the soil samples that he'd grabbed, from that fertile patch out in the wastelands.

And that cookie there could go into his mouth.

The rest? Well. There were a few kids outside, and it was winter in Edge. He couldn't take them in- it was too damn dangerous for a Turk to let anybody in, even kids. Too dangerous for the kids, for that matter. But they could probably use a comforter. And a heater that didn't need to be plugged in.

... And some steaks. And some juice. And some chewy vitamins.

And so on.

"What do you think, Mako?" Reno sighed as he closed up the box and started to puzzle out how many trips it was going to take him to bring all of this stuff down to street level. "You figure that damn island made me soft?"

The ferret honked.

"Yeah. I didn't think so either, yo."

[Open for phone calls, if anyone wants!]
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It was one of those rare nights that Reno had managed to score all to himself, off-duty, with not a single reason to worry about Tseng calling him in out of the blue to do some urgent mission or another. Why? Because Rude had the night off, too, and Tseng knew better than to try to call Reno in when Rude would do the job just as well, and without whining about it.

And so, there he was, sprawled backwards on the couch (and doing an admirable job of ignoring the busted springs in his back) and staring up at the ceiling, contemplating where in the world he was supposed to go from here and the obstacles on his way to wherever that turned out to be.

"Winter's coming, yo." He paused, and then, with a faint smirk on his lips, he added, "Fehdan'c lusehk."

At the very least, it wasn't as though he'd be making the trip alone.

[For that girl who speaks the funny language. And sure, open for phone calls or whatever, if you'd like.]
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"Back to work, back to work."

Work for Reno, it should be noted, mostly consisted of him putting his feet on his desk and pretending to be busy. There were reports to be filed. He didn't wanna. That required effort.

Taking jobs that involved him chasing down monsters or beating terrorists to a messy pulp or, dare he say it, the jobs that required making hits? That wasn't work. That was play.

Reno? Reno was working. So hard at work. Staring at paper. Paperwork would be less boring if maybe it came in crossword format. Or word search. Or if it was written out in code that replaced each letter of the alphabet with a different picture of a naked chick. If it did that, maybe it wouldn't be so much work!

Yes, he was totally spending his time hard at work trying to will the phone to ring with his brain. Ugh, work.

[For phonecalls, of course. Reno is, as usual, boooored.]
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"I'm friggin' bored," Reno announced, possibly to nobody in particular, possibly to the bowl of beans that he'd picked. "Bored bored bored."

The beans said nothing.

"You know how bored I am?"

The beans waited patiently for a reply.

"I'm so friggin' bored, I'm talkin' to string beans."

This was what happened when Reno got himself suspended from duty for two weeks.


[NFB for distance, as usual, but totally open for phone calls!]
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"Yo, boss. Shirt didn't fit right this morning, so I had to undo a few more buttons'n usual, zoto."

Why yes, Reno had decided to come in to work today, in spite of the fact that he could have been in bed, enjoying the fact that he was the hottest lesbian on Gaia for the day. Some opportunities, after all, were not to be missed.

He leaned over Tseng's desk, grinning. A lot. If he leaned any more deeply, he'd fall out.

"Got any jobs for me, boss?"

Reno derived some sort of personal victory out of the fact that it took Tseng a full ten seconds to come up with a reply. A reply which was something of an uncomfortable grunt as the Director slid a few dossiers toward the redhead. Waking up with breasts was no excuse for not getting the job done, after all.

Reno was just fine with that. A negotiation mission, trying to get some hungry locals with guns and materia who were holed up around one of the WRO food banks to surrender?

Today was the day Reno of the Turks would finally get to test to see exactly how far flashing a nice pair of boobs could get him in this world.

[NFB for distance, as usual. Mostly establishy, as I'll be heading out in four hours for the weekend to a land of no phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury. But open for phone calls if you reallyreally want to and you happen to be around.]
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Distress calls from Rookies, left, right, and center. That was what Reno came home to, after over a week without phone reception out in the wastes. And now it was the countdown, before one Rookie would get here, with Ifrit only knew what kind of trauma fresh in her head.

Pick up the phone. Dial numbers. He had well over an hour, between the time Ino's portal would arrive to pick her up, and the time it would actually make it into Edge, after all.

"The boss sends me on one mission in the middle of nowhere, Mako, an' the whole universe goes to Hell without me, zoto."

[NFB for distance, as usual. Open for anyone who needs a Reno call or who wants to give one, all calls will sit chronologically before a certain Ninja visitor, yo.]
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Reno had a bit of a dilemma, and he had today off by some miracle. And so, on his day off, he was going to attempt to fix it.

His living space since he'd moved in to Rude's apartment had become a little on the cramped side. Sure, it was more space than he'd had while he was living in the dorms on Fandom Island. But while he was in school, he hadn't been trying to cultivate greens, either. Unless one counted the green fuzz that sometimes grew on whatever he'd left sitting around, but that was a different thing entirely. As it stood, Reno was staring in bewilderment at the contents of Rude's living room.

Rude had set off for work today with a clearly stated mission for Reno to handle before he got back. He didn't care how he did it, just so long as it was done.

The clutter... would have to go.

So much easier said than done, when you were used to stockpiling whatever you could get your hands on, and you had people sending you care packages from all over creation. Nevermind the assorted bits he'd managed to gather with full intent to toss together a makeshift greenhouse in he future.

"Mako," Reno sighed, plucking the ferret out of his beans for the umpteeth time this afternoon, "I think this couch-surfin' shit ain't all it's made out to be, yo."

[NFB for distance, naturally, but open for the usual riffraff to give their phone calls and what-have-you!]
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It had been another long, hard night. Tseng seemed to be doing everything in his power to drive Reno to the point of cracking since Elena had taken off for Fandom, and Reno couldn't exactly blame him. This time, it had been a run to the outskirts of the makeshift city, under heavy gunfire, to neutralize a group of citizens who had gotten fed up with the poverty. They'd gone out, found themselves some weapons inside the wreckage of the old ShinRa building, and had taken to going door-to-door, shaking people down and waving said guns in their faces until they handed over all of their food.

Not cool.

In Which Stuff Happens, And Reno Has A Chewy Ear. )

[Open for phone calls or what-have-you.]
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Too much drinking. Toooo much drinking, and fretting, and getting the rookie in trouble. And nothing in the world made a guy feel like cleaning his mouth out with sandpaper than a night that started with Corel ale, and then headed into rum and ice-cream territory. And really, it was a wonder that Reno had managed to drag his sorry ass back home last night in the first place.

Aftermath. )

[NFB for distance, as usual. Reno's open for phone calls or what-have-you. Elena's whereabouts mentioned with enabling permission from [livejournal.com profile] findingelena, and I find Tseng's temper to be entirely too much fun to play. Entirely.]


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