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Nov. 20th, 2017 12:43 am
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Yo. This is Reno, obviously not answering the phone. If you knew how to call my phone in the first place, you sure as hell know how to leave a message. Oh, look. A beep, yo.


In creating this journal, the author has assumed the identity of a fictional person for use in the role-playing game [community profile] fandomhigh, for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person who created the fictional person, or any reader of this content. The author does not purport to be the creator of the fictional person, or to be affiliated with the creator, or with any person or entity with an interest in the fictional person.
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So, Reno really hadn't been here at all this semester, with a couple of exceptions. It stood to reason, with him, that almost a week before his final class was probably a good time to make an attempt at that.

Not that there was a hell of a lot of paperwork to be done, what with all of the hard work finished with back in Edge. Tseng had been more or less off his case the whole semester, which was nothing shy of a miracle. They weren't exactly going to be able to start anything new next week, and how the hell did you even give a final exam about public service, anyway? So mostly he was in his office because it felt as though he should be in his office, and as for doing actual office work?

Did drinking coffee and flinging pencils up at the ceiling until they stuck up there count?

[OOC: Open office hours! Probably Reno's last for a long, long while.]
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Reno really didn't come into this office often, as could be evidenced by the fact that it was pretty much bare. Sure, there was paperwork scattered across his desk, phone numbers and forms and letters for people through Edge and the rest of the Midgar continent, some of it all even actually regarding things he needed for class.

This week, of all the people he could be making arrangements with, he was working on negotiations with a rancher outside of Kalm. Things were going pretty smoothly, at least, since he'd done business with the man before.

For once, he was sitting in his office and not firing pencils at the ceiling using rubber band slingshots. Probably for the best, since his door was open in case any parents wanted to stop by and ask him what the hell he was teaching their little darlings.

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Reno didn't often actually bother to hold office hours, no. Reno loathed paperwork, and tended to spend more time scribbling dicks in the margins than actually filling out the forms. But this week, he was making an exception, sitting at his desk and occasionally spinning in a circle in his office chair, throwing pencils up at the ceiling and working on a syllabus for the rest of the semester, now that he knew what project his students were going to attempt to pull off in Edge.

To some extent, that involved listening to recent news broadcasts of the area, too. It was probably a good idea to keep on top of shit like monster activity and crime while he was at it. The people themselves seemed to be behaving themselves this week, but monsters had been particularly active, working on trying to gather food while they still could, now that summer was working its way into fall. Edge was located in the middle of a desert, but that didn't mean it didn't experience winter, after all.

... Something Reno probably should have mentioned to the class before letting them all vote on installing water filtration units through the rest of the semester. But, hey, they would cross that bridge when they got to it. Learning experience and shit. It'd be good for 'em.

[Open office hours! I really need to actually post these more often, la.]
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Most people post these things BEFORE they're limited to tiny phone internets after a full day of travel, self.

But yes, I'm currently on the other side of Canada and doing the couch surfing boogie for the next two weeks. Most of my kids are critters or I'm going to find a way to turn them into animals with modding rights passed out to you-know-who-you-are. I might be around here or there, but for the most part, I'm catching up after five years away from the province I grew up in. Sorry for any flakiness that's going to happen as a result!
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You know what Reno had missed? Reno had missed his office. The one with the chair on wheels, and all the little bits and pieces of whatever crap newspaper clippings he had felt like sticking up on the walls. Sure, the pictures were gone. They'd been packed away years ago and he hadn't gotten around to hanging them up again. But the wheelie-chair?

Reno was going to take some time before working on his lesson plan for this week (a long lecture on exactly why the human race was probably going to end up extinct in their hands, thank you chaotic last class of thank-the-gods-that-wasn't-really-doomsday) to just sit down, appreciate being back in his own office space, and...

... spin in circles for a bit. Maybe play bumper cars with his chair against that wall, there, and hope they were thick enough that he wasn't disturbing whoever worked on the other side of it.

Shut up. Office chairs were fucking awesome.

[OOC: Door and post are open! Reno is completely mature, you guys.]
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Hey! All characters that have been here before, nothing especially shiny and new, but I'm going to post this anyway for people who are newer than, say... this guy:

The Turk: Reno )
The Princess: Elsa of Arendelle )
The Apocalypse: Evan Sabahnur )
The Punk: Sparkle )
The Monster: Jonothon Starsmore )
The Gorgon: Nikolai Bartamian )
The Angel: Warren Worthington III )
The Mun: A Weirdo )

In other news, I'm looking for someone to TA for Reno's doomsday class. Preference will be given to graduates who need a job in order to stick around on the island, of course, but if there aren't any alumni takers, I'll dip into the current student pool just as readily. Just comment here if you're interested! TA-related comments will be screened, and I'll bust out the RNG before class sign-ups close on the 30th if there are several takers.
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For just the students of Reno's class, please!

[Poll #1979825]
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Damn, he was going to miss this place.

Ah, there was the chair that Reno had sat in on Parents' Weekends. And there was the dust that he'd failed to acknowledge because, so help him, offices meant paperwork, and the last thing Reno wanted to be stuck doing was paperwork. And that was his best coffee mug!

... Smelled like ham.

So far as offices went, Reno kind of sucked at spending time in his, yeah. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to come in to clear out his crap. He and Rikku had handwavily decided that it was time to move on. They were both fighters, adventurers, and while Fandom had the occasional invasion and more Rookies than he could shake a stick at, they could just as well be sweeping dungeons for Tonberries or something. Doing some good in Spira for the Al Bhed. Moving forward, instead of the idle that they'd fallen into as of late.

Oh, hey! There was the pen that had dried out before he'd ever used it and then he'd shoved it into his desk because he was too lazy to make the reach to the wastepaper basket.


[Open if anyone has any reason to be in the school poking at the offices over break, or if anyone wants to call his cell or something. This is probably going to be Reno's last open post in Fandom, since he's gotta be outta here by tomorrow, yo.]
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Chocobo Lure Materia? Check.

Sylkis Greens? Friggin' expensive, but yes, Check.

Weapons? Reno gave his baton a tap against his shoulder, checked his Materia over, and smirked. Check.

Worm-skinned dude from Arrakis? Yep, Reno had that, too.

"So, the trick is, we follow the tracks," he informed Leto, looking down to make sure he didn't miss any as they walked. "An' then we hunt around for monsters when we find 'em. Chocobos love hangin' around monsters, yo."

Somebody had asked for Chocobos, and Reno planned to deliver.

[NFB for distance, for that worm-skinned guy, and I have no idea why half of this post vanished into the ether so that I had to re-type it. Wtf, LJ.]
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Here's the deal on Reno's Attitude: Just Deal With It workshop for the first summer term, Tuesdays, 2nd period!

Synopsis and Syllabus! )
Class Roster! )

Questions? Comments? Anything that you absolutely OMG MUST see in this class? I'm easy. Reno's easy. I can probably work it in.
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Go figure, I managed to forget about this until now? Bad Shannon! Bad!

In any case, I'm looking for people interested in taking a TA job for Reno's class on BEING AWESOME (it is an important life skill). If anybody would like a crack at the RNG, just let me know here, and I'll let you know tomorrow night, before class signups close.

Comments are screened, and preference will be given to alumni who are in need of something to keep themselves busy for the summer!

ETA: Thanks, the two TA slots have been claimed!
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Reno... really didn't have anything better to do today but come and hang out in his office, no.

Okay, sure, so there was the mother of all freaking bouquets on his desk, courtesy of his smart-assed co-teacher. And the flowers were starting to go a little...

Uh. Soggy, Reno supposed, was a good word for it.

So he was here today, up to his elbows in rotting flowers, with his nose wrinkled as he picked out all the valuable little nick-nacks from inside of it.

Pearls? Seriously?

The one upside, anyhow, was that Reno could sell some of this crap off and send the money back to Edge or Junon or something. This monster could totally go a long way, back home. Not that he suspected for an instant that maybe something like that was what Genesis had in mind...

[Open door, open office! Since I remembered that Reno actually has one of these things, today!]
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... Aw, shit. It had been so long since Reno had spent time in his office. He'd gotten kinda familiar with it, what, back when the parents were on the island, way back? But he'd gone and told the Rookie's Rookie that he'd be here today, in case she wanted to talk. And anyhow, there was always shit to do.

Maybe he could hammer out lesson plans that would give him some kind of edge over that jerkass in the red coat.

Yeah. And he could write it in the dust that had settled on his desk over the months, too. Jeez.

[Reno's door is open!]
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Junon, Reno supposed, wasn't half bad. Sure as hell better than Edge, which he couldn't wait to get the hell out of, especially after that weird-assed argument in Tseng's kitchen.

Tseng's ex-kitchen, Reno supposed.

He was sitting in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on one of the city's lower levels, the world's crappiest coffee slowly dissolving a coffee mug in one hand, waiting for somebody in particular. He'd left Edge a little early, dragged a few of the boxes of paperwork along with him so that Rude wouldn't have to haul it all here, and then he'd started to poke around.

Yeah, Junon had suffered a bit since WEAPON's attack. But then, where the hell hadn't?

... Besides Kalm. Lucky, lucky-assed Kalm.

[Open for anyone who might want to call, or who has reason to be in Junon!]
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Aww, yeah. Reno could get used to this having-an-office-of-his-own shit.

It wasn't that he had any great plans for it or anything. Hell, he hadn't even really thought about spending any time in here right up until yesterday when he figured that he should show up in order to do that parent-teacher interview crap. But this was the place, the one place in the whole freaking multiverse, where he could walk in, toss his shit on his desk, put his feet up, and never have to worry about Tseng beaking at him about the use of filing cabinets. Or about Rikku's recent invasion of fuzzy orange home decor shit.

Yep. Reno could live with this.

If anybody came in looking for an interview with the Unconventional Tactics teacher today, they'd find him with his chair leaning backwards, his feet up on his desk, and a lazy grin on his face.

Heh. They gave him an office. How friggin' messed up was that?

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So, Reno was perhaps dimly aware, after an evening spent dealing with every incarnation of every Turk he'd ever known to set foot on the island, that another point of this Parenty... Weekendish... thing was so that the folks (or annoying employers, as he'd had checking up on him while he was a student here) of the students could talk to the teachers, or some crap like that.

Which was why by some miracle, he'd managed to drag his ass out of bed and, after leaving a note for Rikku and Rude that he was going to be doing things that kind of resembled work, he shuffled his way to his office.

... Oh, so that was what his office looked like. Huh. Better than the one he'd had with the Turks. Maybe he'd have to start spending more time in this thing. But for now, he'd worry about what the hell he was supposed to tell any parents who wanted to talk to him about what the hell that 'Doomsday' and 'Rookiehood' and 'Unconventional Tactics' junk was supposed to mean.

There wasn't enough rum in his coffee for this.

[Open to visitors and students and whatever the heck!]
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Mmm, I love being able to put up a syllabus for a Reno class. For some reason, it makes me feel comparatively more organized than anything else, like, ever.

So, here's the lowdown on Reno's class this semester!

Unconventional Tactics Synopsis and Other Details )

Class Syllabus and Roster )
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It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I think we might actually have some shiny newness in the game this time around (Hi, Shiny Newness!), and so here I go, hopping merrily onto the old bandwagon.

The Turk: Reno )
The Angel: Warren Worthington III )
The Psionic Furnace: Jonothon Starsmore )
The Puppy: Zack Fair )

The Mun: A Weirdo )
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Ah, summertime. That glorious time of the year where I find out at the last minute that my dad decided that our trip out-of-province is going to begin like right now instead of at the actual start of the weekend, and so I spend a day doing the inevitable availability scramble to make up for that fact!

So! I'll be off and away to Prince Edward Island, taking photos of all of that nifty Green Gables stuff, eating potatoes, and getting red mud all over my feet until Sunday. Zack is a puppy and Ino has modding rights, there. Warren is a budgie and modding rights are going to go to Karla! And Reno and Jono are going to just be laying low for a few days. Reno's herding his small gaggle of housepets around the cabins and other such important things, and Jono is going to be preoccupied with being emo making certain that Didi-the-cat doesn't eat Hendrix-the-class-assignment.

Bye, Fandom! See you on the flip side!


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