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Edge, Tuesday Afternoon

"Back to work, back to work."

Work for Reno, it should be noted, mostly consisted of him putting his feet on his desk and pretending to be busy. There were reports to be filed. He didn't wanna. That required effort.

Taking jobs that involved him chasing down monsters or beating terrorists to a messy pulp or, dare he say it, the jobs that required making hits? That wasn't work. That was play.

Reno? Reno was working. So hard at work. Staring at paper. Paperwork would be less boring if maybe it came in crossword format. Or word search. Or if it was written out in code that replaced each letter of the alphabet with a different picture of a naked chick. If it did that, maybe it wouldn't be so much work!

Yes, he was totally spending his time hard at work trying to will the phone to ring with his brain. Ugh, work.

[For phonecalls, of course. Reno is, as usual, boooored.]

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Reno must have honed his psychic powers well, because his phone? It was most assuredly ringing.

He should pick lottery numbers, next!

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"I was thinking of renting a professional asshole for my next party," Elena laughed. "What's the going rate, hourly?"

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"How much would ten minutes in a locked supply closet run me?"

Impossible not to flirt, if he was going to be like that.

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"Less than I did yesterday," she sighed. "Lots of shopping, lately. I'll just have to save my gil in a piggy bank for a while, huh?"

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It'd been a while since She'd talked to Reno, and maybe he'd be visiting this coming weekend, or for Homecoming, so: good time to check in.


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Dinah fell over giggling. "I can go find something? I'm sure of it? Hi!"

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"Oldster of the redheaded persuasion!" Dinah only knew one of those. So that worked. "Mmm, mostly? I got Detention for forgetting to check in, which I guess I deserved, but no one busted me for rappelling off the dorms," Dinah said cheerfully. "So I think I broke even. It's been really quiet here, except for the girls turning into guys last week." She grinned. "Did you get my last box o' stuff?"
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Torture equals stress testing equals bad/good thing?

Yes, it was a text.

Yes, Ino totally knew that he'd have some sort of response to that.
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Quite possibly! It was, however, a good break from talking to her dad about torture, so...

Not me! That would be BAD. O.o

What? It would be.

Fandom-Sis was normal, got powers in accident. Needs to know limits & asked me to help hurt her.
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Heeey, he'd typed her name in! Ino wondered if that was because it was shorter than 'rookie' was. He seemed to go for short in text.

not rookie. sib. hopelessly-naive i think. Ino contemplated that as she ditched capital letters. yeah. she don't get it right. thinks it's...

Ino had no words for what Jen actually thought about it, now that she had to put it down.

i don't mind, one way. medical purposes, need to know what will heal. Controlled situation better than mid-battlefield and dying. but sis just smiles and don't get what it means more than that. talked to miss atreides bout it. she thinking bout supervising it.

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It was a very tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed Rikku who was calling her very favorite Reno ever. She'd cried, earlier. She wasn't crying now. She was oay. And it had been good crying anyway, not the sad traumatic type, and maybe she was just going to curl up with the phone and never, ever hang up.

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"Hi," Rikku said. It was the sort of small, tired voice that suggested she was wrapped around the phone, yes. "I love you. I'm so tired right now. I don't even know if I'm gonna make any sense. Are you okay? I mean, how are you? There's ....... news. Here."

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"Yeah," she said. She had news. She didn't have much coherence, but news seemed to be around here somewhere, right? It'd work out. "It's ... okay. Things are good. Kinda? Things are better. I think. It was sucking harder and harder and Lulu was about to start stabbing people right in the face and I would have helped her because everyone was being so fucking stupid and then -- and then the Guado kinda --"

"... Didn't suck."

Words seemed to be in spurt mode. Off, or on. Back to off again, for now! On would return in a few seconds.