raspberryturk: (Freaked Out)
Reno of the Turks ([personal profile] raspberryturk) wrote2010-08-02 06:38 pm

MHA #1, Monday Afternoon

After a certain conversation after class today, Reno had hurried home, a frown on his lips and a million haphazard thoughts ricocheting around inside his skull that weren't amounting to much more than a whole lot of "Oh, crap."

Things were going to need re-thinking. Lots and lots of serious re-thinking. Now they weren't just trying to steer fate, the Turks were trying to Do The Right Thing in the process.

Now, all Reno had to do was... well... inform the other Turk who had anything to do with this.

And that was why he was picking up his phone and dialing. Shit shit shit.

[Contents of phone call and conversation are NFB, that there was a phone call and that Elena came over for work things is totally cool, though. For the blonde Rookie! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Or... that one, either. Dammit, she knows who she is.]

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