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It had been a long day, and Reno had gotten permission to beat people up for candy, which meant that Deadpool was the coolest adult ever. But, as really cool days tended to go, there was always a time when wee Renos had to retire to their bedrooms again, in order to pull on their pyjamas and get ready for be-


Maybe not get ready for bed so much. There was a time when wee Renos had to harass the poor ferret, instead.


[Open room post is open!]
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The girlfriends had classes. The baby needed to be protected. That was the mission. That was the job.

Hunkered down in Rikku's room. Surrounded by diapers and baby food and a smiling yellow teddybear crib. Watching the baby.

The mind-blowingly adorable baby. With the little red pigtails and the big green eyes and the wiggly toes. Very cute wiggly toes. Reno was resisting the urge to make up his own version of "this little piggy," because he didn't actually know how it was supposed to go.

Yep. Alone in Rikku's room. With a baby.

And Madrox.

"If she craps herself, you're on diaper duty, yo."

[For that guy, but the post is open! If you want to make the boys freak out good, just knock. :D]
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There had been kids. Showing up out of the blue, being bloody adorable at them with introductions and some more over breakfast. There'd been worry about two of them taking off to feed ducks, and more worry that morning about what would happen to one of them when he went back home.

But right now? Right now was all about not worrying about any of that. Right now, Reno, Rikku, Ruba, and Rede had found their way to the beach. With umbrellas of varying sizes for both the wee, and not-so-wee.

For family time.

"Bet I can make a bigger splash in that puddle than you can," Reno mused.

[For le aforementioned bits of family!]
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Reno was having the bestest weekend ever! He'd talked to Rude on the phone and had pizza and hunted vampire dustbunnies and opened Host Club and stopped to watch Mister-Teacher-Anniekin make kids into helichoppers and he had gotten into a gunfight and now he was gonna sit on his floor and kick his lappy-top, because Rikku had brokened it, but it was cooler now because it made sparklies.

Of course, the phone would ring... )

[OOC: Shameless linkdrop-turned-actual-roompost? Gasp! The door is shut, but Reno's totally interruptible in his spark-making exploits after the phone call. [livejournal.com profile] the_merriest is the best Tseng ever.]


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