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Office #7, Tuesday

So, Reno really hadn't been here at all this semester, with a couple of exceptions. It stood to reason, with him, that almost a week before his final class was probably a good time to make an attempt at that.

Not that there was a hell of a lot of paperwork to be done, what with all of the hard work finished with back in Edge. Tseng had been more or less off his case the whole semester, which was nothing shy of a miracle. They weren't exactly going to be able to start anything new next week, and how the hell did you even give a final exam about public service, anyway? So mostly he was in his office because it felt as though he should be in his office, and as for doing actual office work?

Did drinking coffee and flinging pencils up at the ceiling until they stuck up there count?

[OOC: Open office hours! Probably Reno's last for a long, long while.]

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All things considered, once she'd snuck on over to Fandom Island, it hadn't taken long for Aerith to track Reno down. All of life went back to the Lifestream, and Reno belonged to Gaia, in a way that resonated with her, no matter where he chose to make his home these days.

Aerith drifted through the school invisibly until she found his office (which she went through the wall to get into) and, still invisible, surveyed him curiously. He looked better than he had back when everything was falling apart.

He also looked dreadfully bored in her estimation.

She grinned at him, though he couldn't see it, and called down the rain. Aerith had been able to do this back when she'd been alive. Dying had only made her stronger. But this was just a small, localized rain.

Inside his office. Right on top of him.

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Definitely not Fandom!

Girlish giggling answered him as Aerith took a seat on his desk. (All right, so she took a seat about an inch above his desk, but that was pretty much the same thing in her opinion.)

She faded into view, translucent and intangible, and familiar.

"Hi," she said, all bright, still-laughing eyes and an unrepentant grin.

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"Their rates seemed pretty reasonable to us," Aerith said easily. She tilted her head slightly, pretending to think about things, and then said, "Who knows, maybe we got a discount and the living will have to pay more to make up for it!"

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Aerith giggled again, covering her mouth with one hand, and smiling past Reno to Zack.

"It's really your fault," Aerith said, not even the slightest bit apologetic. "We wouldn't be here if not for you."

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"That's right," Zack said, grinning over Reno's head right back at Aerith. "You guys are doing our work for us, so we can actually afford to take time off. You brought this on yourself."

It was also Reno's own fault because Turks were just fun to tease. That was just how it was. Sorry, Reno.

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You meant sorry-not-sorry, Reno, Zack. That's what you meant.

"Exactly!" Aerith said, because the logic was perfectly sound to her. "And we were curious about where you kept popping off to, especially since you've been bringing a bunch of kids around lately."

Of course they'd noticed that.

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For the first time, Aerith's smile faded into something a rather more serious.

"We're trying," she said. "But there's not much life in Edge yet, and flowers always came more easily to me. As the flowers die, there will be a little more life in the soil, slowly but surely. It's going to take time."

Aerith leaned forward, towards Reno. "We really do appreciate your help. It's going to do a lot of good! It already is, even, but it's going to be a while longer before the ground is viable for much more than flowers."

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So. So.

Karina had gotten that voicemail and, yeah, okay, so she was planning on ditching school for the rest of the week--Heroing obligations--but she supposed she had time enough to drop by and see what he wanted.

Like, it couldn't be about next class since he'd threatened to keep her back at the end of it, if she didn't show up now.

And he'd sounded angry.

Karina didn't like that, since she had no idea why, so she wasn't exactly at her most cheerful when she leaned in his doorway. "Hey. You wanted to talk to me?"

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Karina gave him a doubtful look, because she wasn't stupid and actually did have self-preservation instincts that were clanging loudly that she was in trouble.

Because of that, she looked back down the hallway before stepping inside.

"Are we waiting for Kathy, then?"

Was this a TA thing? She kinda doubted it, but it was nice to pretend.

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And, yeah, now she could tell where this was going. Ugh. What a pain in the ass. That had happened ages ago.

"Never go to Edge alone," she recited for him. "Stay together. Don't wander off."
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You know what Karina was terrible at? Faking submission. Of any sort. He was trying to pull shit like rank on her, or something, and all it did was irritate the crap out of her.

But since her instincts were shrieking 'DANGER, DANGER' at her, she wasn't going to go with her first thought, which was to roll her eyes at him.

Instead she shrugged. "We both know the answer is 'none of them'."

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Karina actually had to take a few moments to think about that, since, really, it had happened a while ago and she'd thought she'd gotten off scot-free and unnoticed about it.

"You got turned into a bird or something," she said. "And it fell on me to teach the class. I knew basically what you wanted us to do, so I figured that I'd just pop over for a couple of minutes and see the sites before taking everyone else over."

She'd been nervous about teaching and so had wanted to be extra prepared for it, and that had meant getting a grasp on things before showing up.

"Anyway, turned out the sites had been trashed. I spent a while there getting an idea of how badly, then went and brought the class over for clean up rather than new work."

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"I didn't think about it," she said, keeping her voice mild with an effort. "And I figure you're mad because I broke the rules."