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OOC: Unconventional Tactics Info

Mmm, I love being able to put up a syllabus for a Reno class. For some reason, it makes me feel comparatively more organized than anything else, like, ever.

So, here's the lowdown on Reno's class this semester!

Unconventional Tactics: How to Deal with Fandom Invasions:

Workshop Synopsis: Welcome to Fandom Island, where there are certain facts of life that you'll never be able to escape. People you know will wake up the wrong gender on occasion, the squirrels are watching you, and, of course, the Island is going to be invaded. Sometimes, these invasions are perfectly harmless, and even fun. Sometimes, they're potentially dangerous, but easy enough to avoid. And sometimes... Sometimes, it's the end of the world all over again. This course will help build the foundations that students will need in order to meet these invasions head-on and come out the other end in more-or-less one piece, whether they're lovers, fighters, researchers, or just plain chickenshit.

Further Details: It's pretty much what the course description says it's going to be. Reno will go over some examples of invasions past, will outline some of the key elements that went into clearing those situations right up, and will then branch off into the specifics of those key elements. Some class topics will include things like safe places to go in case of an invasion, the importance of researchers, how people with or without powers can keep themselves safe in case of a run-in with a nasty, and coping methods to be used both during the crisis, and after the smoke clears.

In spite of what it might look like at a glance, this class is not about fighting. There are days set aside on the syllabus to cover a good offensive, but this class was inspired in no small part by the last BDE, seeing so many people completely out of their element in so many ways. What Reno's striving for here is to find a place for everybody in his class, so even the non-fighters don't find themselves wandering lost should the worst decide to happen all over again.

Classes are Tuesdays, 2nd Period, and will likely include a mix of Danger Shop, classroom, and field work, depending on Reno's whims.


1 - Introductions - Fandom's different types of invasions. And who the hell are you?
2 - History - Delving into the specifics of some of the island's darkest moments.
3 - Pre-emptive Safety - If it looks dangerous, don't friggin' touch it, dumbass.
4 - Transportation - Getting from Point A to Point B. Preferably alive.
5 - Communication - The radio, cell phones, telepathy, and letters through time.
6 - Swallowing Your Pride - You might need help. Suck it up.
7 - Support - Food. Water. First-aid. How to make their job easier.
8 - Military - If you can't beat 'em... No, you can totally beat 'em.
9 - Magic - If you can't literally beat 'em, bust out the sparkly powers mojo.
10 - Fortification - The best defense is actually... a real damn good defense.
11 - Brainpower - The importance of research during Fandom's rough times.
12 - Out of Your Element - Alternate realities, timelines, and universes entirely.
13 - Tempting Fate - On Fandom, that's the same as "Planning Ahead."
14 - Coping - How to keep your head on your shoulders, during an invasion and after it.
15 - FINAL

Chloe Saunders (TA)
Jacob Black (TA)
Alex Russo
Ben Skywalker
Claudia Donovan
Diana Hansen
Dolf Wega
Elizabeth Stonem
Ino Yamanaka
Jason Todd
Kate Gregson
Lindsay Weir
Noah Puckerman
Tara Maclay
Zatanna Zatara

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