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Okay. So it had taken Reno more than ten minutes to pack, this morning. It wasn't entirely his fault that his bottle of whiskey had rolled under his bed. It just meant that instead of meeting Rude at nine, he was meeting him at about twenty after.

Nothing his BFF wasn't used to by now, he was sure.

Sure he was. )

[Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] sarcasm_guy, who is awesome like pie. NFI, And everything after Reno gets onto the chopper is NFB for liftoff and distance, thanks! I'm done being made of coding fail now, I think. O_o]
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"Rude's a prick," Reno complained.

It was official. Parking the chopper in the forest was a brilliant tactical move for anyone who wanted to be cruel and annoying and... cruel. Therefore, Rude was a brilliant tactician. And a prick.

"We'll find the chopper," he vowed, "and we'll fly the chopper," he vowed, "and then we can find Rude and kick his ass after we land, yo," he vowed some more.

"And it'll be totally worth it."

[For Rikku, please! Them's some big woods. :D]


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