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It had been A Day. A week. A whole weekend and Reno, who was still both puny and plastic, was in need of a drink.

He wasn't in a bad enough way that he was going to go to the bar. There were certain things that action figures shouldn't do in public. Sure, he could go to The Perk to give computer lessons and he could scar his friends for life, but the bar? Even if he was hurting for a drink and a smoke and a hell of a lot of escapism, he wasn't going to head to the bar. Besides, he had his own booze. It was simply a matter of getting into it. Easy as pie.

Or, it should have been, except the bottle toppled over as he was attempting to pry the cap off, and it took him with it. The next thing he knew, he was on the floor, face down in spilled scotch, and his body was a good four inches away from his head.

Oh, good. Not only was he an action figure, but he was an action figure with a freaking faulty balljoint for a neck.

This would have been less problematic if his body wasn't more interested in saving the booze than it was in solving the fact that it was slightly decapitated at the moment.

"No, stupid, I'm over here."

It was going to continue being A Day.

[Open! And I swear, he'll be normal again tomorrow. I just had to. My own Reno action figure's head falls off on a regular basis. Pretty, yes. Lots of points of articulation? For sure. But clearly not made to do much looking around, poor thing.]
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When Reno woke up on Saturday morning, he noticed four things.

First, that the alcove was very, very large around him.

Second, that he was made of plastic.

Third, that he was still desperate for a smoke, despite the fact that he was an action figure, and the nicotine gum he'd handwavily picked up was now the same size as his face.

And fourth, that there seemed to be a good deal of whinnying going on throughout the campgrounds.

Therefore, Reno made the executive decision to stay in bed.

"I hate this freakin' island," he mumbled as he crawled under his pillow.

[I couldn't resist, if only for the chance to use this OOC icon of mine IC. Reno's an action figure, and probably will be for a couple of days, but if you want to harass him now, bear in mind that I work tonight, and we're looking at crazy slowplay for the day.]


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