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Hey! All characters that have been here before, nothing especially shiny and new, but I'm going to post this anyway for people who are newer than, say... this guy:

The Turk: Reno )
The Princess: Elsa of Arendelle )
The Apocalypse: Evan Sabahnur )
The Punk: Sparkle )
The Monster: Jonothon Starsmore )
The Gorgon: Nikolai Bartamian )
The Angel: Warren Worthington III )
The Mun: A Weirdo )

In other news, I'm looking for someone to TA for Reno's doomsday class. Preference will be given to graduates who need a job in order to stick around on the island, of course, but if there aren't any alumni takers, I'll dip into the current student pool just as readily. Just comment here if you're interested! TA-related comments will be screened, and I'll bust out the RNG before class sign-ups close on the 30th if there are several takers.
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Here's the deal on Reno's Attitude: Just Deal With It workshop for the first summer term, Tuesdays, 2nd period!

Synopsis and Syllabus! )
Class Roster! )

Questions? Comments? Anything that you absolutely OMG MUST see in this class? I'm easy. Reno's easy. I can probably work it in.
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Go figure, I managed to forget about this until now? Bad Shannon! Bad!

In any case, I'm looking for people interested in taking a TA job for Reno's class on BEING AWESOME (it is an important life skill). If anybody would like a crack at the RNG, just let me know here, and I'll let you know tomorrow night, before class signups close.

Comments are screened, and preference will be given to alumni who are in need of something to keep themselves busy for the summer!

ETA: Thanks, the two TA slots have been claimed!
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It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I think we might actually have some shiny newness in the game this time around (Hi, Shiny Newness!), and so here I go, hopping merrily onto the old bandwagon.

The Turk: Reno )
The Angel: Warren Worthington III )
The Psionic Furnace: Jonothon Starsmore )
The Puppy: Zack Fair )

The Mun: A Weirdo )
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A very confused one. Moo!

It's infodump happy time, where I dump info! Happily!

And lazily. Instead of writing up new infoposts, I'm going to just link you to already existing ones.

Reno: The Fastest Turk, zoto. (Student)

Warren Peace: He Hates You. And You. And You. (Student)

Valentine: He's A Very Important Man. He Has a Loft Apartment. (Alumni)

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Hiii. I don't often tend to do super-long info posts outlining every bit and piece and dribble of canon that my characters might have attached to them. I really don't.

But Final Fantasy VII is... special. It comes complete with six canon sources (more if you count all the books), a terrible translation, and gratuitous retcons up the flying wazzoo. So, for Reno, there are a good many things that I feel that I have to clarify, sort out, and make known to the world as a whole; you.

So, submitted for reasons of "zomgclarity," I present to you...

Final Fantasy VII in a (Large) Nutshell )

Before Crisis Wut? And Agetweaks Woo! )

About The Fastest Turk )

Speech Tic, yoto )

ShinRa Electric Power Company )

Background )

Powers and Abilities )

Where In Canon is he From? )

Links Yay! )

Stick a fork in me. I am very, very done.
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Thar Be Tables Under Here )

Just keeping this stuff in order for future reference, hooray!


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