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Grad was over! Reno was a free man! More or less!

And there was no better way to celebrate this fact than to make his way to the hotel, hit up Tseng's room, and then instigate a drinking game of booze purchased straight out of the minibar, while watching some terrible movie on pay-per-view.

One of those Keanu Reeves movies, or whatever. Keanu Reeves starring as Keanu Reeves, doing the things that Keanu Reeves does.

"Two shots if somethin' blows up," Reno announced to the Turks assembled. "Three if it's not because of Keanu, zoto."

[For, like, every Final Fantasy character on the island.]
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Reno had survived the day, from his training with Ghanima to making plans with Ino, on to Romeo's birthday party and then to do the radio broadcast.

His day wasn't over yet. Oh no.

Smoochy had to die.

[For one!]
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It had been one hell of a long day.

Which was why, by the time Reno finally managed to find his stupid alcove again, he was about ready to curl up on his bed and stop functioning entirely until tomorrow. Maybe wake up for Radio. Then collapse again. That sounded like a plan.

He picked up his phone, eyed it for a moment, and then typed in a text message.

Yo, Tseng. Still a damn Turk.

He shook his head, closed his phone, and dropped it on the floor, message unsent.

Reno wasn't sleeping tonight.

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There had been kids. Showing up out of the blue, being bloody adorable at them with introductions and some more over breakfast. There'd been worry about two of them taking off to feed ducks, and more worry that morning about what would happen to one of them when he went back home.

But right now? Right now was all about not worrying about any of that. Right now, Reno, Rikku, Ruba, and Rede had found their way to the beach. With umbrellas of varying sizes for both the wee, and not-so-wee.

For family time.

"Bet I can make a bigger splash in that puddle than you can," Reno mused.

[For le aforementioned bits of family!]
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Reno was having the bestest weekend ever! He'd talked to Rude on the phone and had pizza and hunted vampire dustbunnies and opened Host Club and stopped to watch Mister-Teacher-Anniekin make kids into helichoppers and he had gotten into a gunfight and now he was gonna sit on his floor and kick his lappy-top, because Rikku had brokened it, but it was cooler now because it made sparklies.

Of course, the phone would ring... )

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Reno did not want to wake up. Reno was wide awake, laying there in his bed, his face shoved as far into his pillow as he could manage without asphyxiating himself, but this did not yet mean that he had actually woken up.

Between stealing his own wallet, making large areas spontaneously combust in a psychopathic rage, and having casual conversation with a lion over the course of the weekend, he figured that it was well within his rights to not have to wake up just yet.

Also, his hair had been huge. And he'd drank all his own tequila. And waking up meant that he'd have to start on his overdue report to Tseng. And any such report, after this particular sort of weekend, was going to have to begin with, "No, really, boss. I'm not drunk, but..."

Reno hated this place all over again.

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A week had passed since Reno had arrived on the island, and he still hadn't drafted up a report. )

... Yeah. That'd do it. He'd mention the rest when he knew more about it. Maybe pace himself and save the good stuff for later, because things were bound to get slow and boring once the newbies all settled in. Or something.

Reno didn't bother to re-read what he had typed up before he hit 'send.' Being sent to high school meant that any report from him really didn't deserve the extra effort.

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