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Okay. Reno could do this. Reno had made a decision, and he was a big boy, here. He was totally capable of telling the Boss that he was going to set forth to do one thing that was actually good for him for the first time in damn near a year, now.

Damn near? It had been a year, hadn't it? Shit, how time flew.

Really, this would be easy. This was a matter of lifting his hand, like so, and rapping his knuckles against the door, like so, and then waiting.

And hoping to Ramuh that Tseng wasn't actually in his office, so that he could just resort to leaving him a note along the lines of 'Going 2 Fandom, BRB Maybe' instead.

Reno thought that the 'maybe' would have been a nice touch.

[For the aforementioned NPC employer, who will be played by [livejournal.com profile] findingelena today because she is awesome. NFB and NFI and all of that good stuff, otherwise.]
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"Yo, boss. Shirt didn't fit right this morning, so I had to undo a few more buttons'n usual, zoto."

Why yes, Reno had decided to come in to work today, in spite of the fact that he could have been in bed, enjoying the fact that he was the hottest lesbian on Gaia for the day. Some opportunities, after all, were not to be missed.

He leaned over Tseng's desk, grinning. A lot. If he leaned any more deeply, he'd fall out.

"Got any jobs for me, boss?"

Reno derived some sort of personal victory out of the fact that it took Tseng a full ten seconds to come up with a reply. A reply which was something of an uncomfortable grunt as the Director slid a few dossiers toward the redhead. Waking up with breasts was no excuse for not getting the job done, after all.

Reno was just fine with that. A negotiation mission, trying to get some hungry locals with guns and materia who were holed up around one of the WRO food banks to surrender?

Today was the day Reno of the Turks would finally get to test to see exactly how far flashing a nice pair of boobs could get him in this world.

[NFB for distance, as usual. Mostly establishy, as I'll be heading out in four hours for the weekend to a land of no phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury. But open for phone calls if you reallyreally want to and you happen to be around.]
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Rude's couch was lumpy and hard to sleep on.

Rude's couch was lumpy and hard to sleep on, Rude's booze was running low, and the lighting in Rude's living room sucked.

All that, and Reno had more reading material than he could have ever hoped for. And a bean sprout in a plastic cup sitting in some wet paper towel. And a pair of cacti that he hadn't managed to kill yet. And an anxious ferret, attempting to help him either with the booze, or with the reading, whichever Mako happened to be able to reach more easily at the time.

As such things went, after a week and a half back in Edge with no outlet to the real world, it was time for Reno to take a break. He'd written a letter earlier in the week in reply to one that he'd gotten last week Thursday, which was all well and good... but dammit, he needed to hear a voice that didn't belong to a Turk, a member of the WRO, or some random person living on the street corners in Edge.

Spare Gil for the homeless, they'd beg, and he'd toss them a few, just because he had a few to spare. But not without a mumble and a frown.

Yeah. You an' everyone else, yo.

He needed to make some freaking phone calls, or he was going to go out of his mind, damn it.

[NFB for distance, open to anyone who thinks that Reno would have a reason to call them! Or, heck, open to anyone. He's bored, he'll probably just hit buttons until he hears familiar voices, at this point.]
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Grad was over! Reno was a free man! More or less!

And there was no better way to celebrate this fact than to make his way to the hotel, hit up Tseng's room, and then instigate a drinking game of booze purchased straight out of the minibar, while watching some terrible movie on pay-per-view.

One of those Keanu Reeves movies, or whatever. Keanu Reeves starring as Keanu Reeves, doing the things that Keanu Reeves does.

"Two shots if somethin' blows up," Reno announced to the Turks assembled. "Three if it's not because of Keanu, zoto."

[For, like, every Final Fantasy character on the island.]
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Okay, so there had been a bit of drinking, last night. A little. More than a little. A fair bit. A lot.

Reno and Rikku were totally smashed. Which had led to wacky goings on and terrible fashion choices in a completely handwavey manner involving a horrid Hawaiian shirt, even worse shorts, and one of those hideous fish-ties.

There just so happened to be a chapel on the boat. And, in their particular states of inebriated stupidity and horrible misdress, there had been a revelation...

Weddings totally didn't count if you used fake names, right?

And heck, even if they did, they were drunk enough that it seemed like a very good, very hilarious idea, at the time.

[Open chapel is TOTALLY OPEN. Because... Yes. It must be.]
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There had been kids. Showing up out of the blue, being bloody adorable at them with introductions and some more over breakfast. There'd been worry about two of them taking off to feed ducks, and more worry that morning about what would happen to one of them when he went back home.

But right now? Right now was all about not worrying about any of that. Right now, Reno, Rikku, Ruba, and Rede had found their way to the beach. With umbrellas of varying sizes for both the wee, and not-so-wee.

For family time.

"Bet I can make a bigger splash in that puddle than you can," Reno mused.

[For le aforementioned bits of family!]
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Reno had managed to survive the first half of the day, and there was still more left to go. He might have actually been humming to himself a little as he pulled on his paintball gear- it didn't hurt to get ready in advance, not when you were planning on going out and shooting at people- and the song that he was humming might have sounded suspiciously like 'Happy Birthday.'

But today was really just a day like any other, honest, and he was going to go shoot people and paintball was going to be freaking awesome and birthdays were stupid and overrated, so it balanced out nicely.

Which was why he had switched to humming 'Danny Boy' by the time he set out for the preserve, an hour or so early so that he'd have time to find himself a nice spot to be sneaky from.

[Reno is not in his room, but his door is there, for one person in particular.]
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Monday Afternoon )


Tuesday Morning )

[[NFI, NFB for distance, OOC is welcome, [livejournal.com profile] the_merriest makes a damn fine Tseng, and Reno uses a touch of coarse language behind those thar cuts, yo. My apologies for the small novel on Tuesday morning.]]
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Okay. So it had taken Reno more than ten minutes to pack, this morning. It wasn't entirely his fault that his bottle of whiskey had rolled under his bed. It just meant that instead of meeting Rude at nine, he was meeting him at about twenty after.

Nothing his BFF wasn't used to by now, he was sure.

Sure he was. )

[Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] sarcasm_guy, who is awesome like pie. NFI, And everything after Reno gets onto the chopper is NFB for liftoff and distance, thanks! I'm done being made of coding fail now, I think. O_o]


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