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It was perhaps little-known fact that lazy-assed Reno of the Turks made it a daily ritual since coming back to the island to make his way to the beach to train, every morning before sunup. This usually involved a stupid amount of coffee, yes. Which didn't hurt anything. It kept him from accidentally smashing himself in the face with his baton, or something.

He hadn't been able to sleep last night, and so he found himself out a little earlier than usual, alternating between dragging ass and hauling it, trying to get a decent warm-up in before the usual suspects showed up for their own training sessions. He had to look competent, after all, for both the Rookie and Ghanima, whoever came first.

Three steps forward, a dash to the side as quickly as he could manage without dipping into Ghanima's training. Send sand flying in all directions at a sudden stop, and then dart forward again.

He barely stopped before barrelling into the most freaky-looking hole that he'd ever seen, backpedaling like crazy with wide eyes to avoid the pull that nearly yanked him off his feet.

He wasn't so lucky with the one that opened right behind him.

So much for training, today.

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Okay. So it had been a long day. Get back from a cruise, fight with his best buddy at work, feed the weasel, all that good stuff. But Reno wasn't about to call it a day just yet.

Sunburn or no sunburn, sometimes a guy just had to mark his milestones by searing them into raw flesh with needles and ink.

As you do.

He gave his bicep a pat, explained the tattoo he had in mind, and made himself comfortable.

He was going to get so freaking drunk tonight when this was done.

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Okay. So it had taken Reno more than ten minutes to pack, this morning. It wasn't entirely his fault that his bottle of whiskey had rolled under his bed. It just meant that instead of meeting Rude at nine, he was meeting him at about twenty after.

Nothing his BFF wasn't used to by now, he was sure.

Sure he was. )

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Okay. So Reno's report back to Tseng was now four or so days late. Reno was also blue. Now that he was too freaked out to show his face in public, it would be a great time to hole himself up in his room, bite the bullet, and type the stupid thing out.

Nearly the instant that he had hit send, he had received a reply.

So he opened it! )

Needless to say, he was on his feet and out the door, blue face and all, very quickly.

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So Reno's phone was ringing. A lot. )

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Well, this was a room that Axel certainly wasn't familiar with. In fact, the whole place was really something new.

For a guy who could travel with a nod of his head and a swirl of darkness, that was really saying a lot.

Naturally, the first thing he did was dig through the nightstand nearest to him. Why not? Right. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, some sort of business suit, cellphone, wallet- he pocketed those last two. Again, why not? And then he looked around the room some more.

When he finally had it memorized, he casually stretched his arms and sat down on the edge of the bed that he had woken up in. Not bad. Not bad.

[[Yo! Establishy, unless the roomie wants to WTF!]]
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Reno was still grumbling as he tried to stare the chopper down. If he looked at it angrily enough, maybe the rotor would break and the gas tank would explode and the blades would all fall off.

Tell me again why I'm doin' this? )

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Today was officially the third or fourth worst day in the life of Reno of the Turks.

Normally, bad days rolled off his shoulders. )

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Rufus Shinra was many things. )

Somehow, he managed to stop laughing by the time Reno knocked on his door.

[[NFB, NFI, preplayed with the awesomesauce-on-toast [livejournal.com profile] the_merriest, who is absolutely the best Tseng ever and ever-a-lifesaver. Establishy liek whoa - especially given that Reno isn't even in this post. OOC comments, however, will be sprinkled with sugar and consumed with great joy.]]


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