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Ah, summertime. That glorious time of the year where I find out at the last minute that my dad decided that our trip out-of-province is going to begin like right now instead of at the actual start of the weekend, and so I spend a day doing the inevitable availability scramble to make up for that fact!

So! I'll be off and away to Prince Edward Island, taking photos of all of that nifty Green Gables stuff, eating potatoes, and getting red mud all over my feet until Sunday. Zack is a puppy and Ino has modding rights, there. Warren is a budgie and modding rights are going to go to Karla! And Reno and Jono are going to just be laying low for a few days. Reno's herding his small gaggle of housepets around the cabins and other such important things, and Jono is going to be preoccupied with being emo making certain that Didi-the-cat doesn't eat Hendrix-the-class-assignment.

Bye, Fandom! See you on the flip side!
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Dear Square-Enix;

Next time you decide to re-release a movie with thirty extra minutes of footage tacked onto it in order to better clarify the course of events within it, please, try to inform us of this decision before I do a plot based solely on the events of that movie, not several months after the fact.

But wow, the trailer for the extended version of Advent Children is freaking gorgeous.

I'm going to have to wait several months more to see exactly how jossed I am, but it looks like the whole setup with Reno and Rude blowing up the overpass just went up in a fireball on me. Daaang. How's that for the first significant tidbit of information I get handed today?

In other news, I have arrived in Nova Scotia in one piece, and it looks like I'll have stable internet around here, after all. Reno is still on his assignment, but my own availability will not be made of fail as I had been worried it might be.
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Hi! As I'm sure a few of you have noticed by looking at my increasingly flaily OOC-OCD notes over the past couple of months, I'm making a move clear across the country. While I will be staying with my uncle, who does have internet access (YAY), things promise to be a little hectic while I overcome things like jet lag, a mad rush to get a cage for my cockatiel, and a gaggle of relatives who haven't seen me in twenty years.

We're handing in our modem sometime early tomorrow, so I will attempt to ping Reno into his classes and Algren into his office hours and the staff meeting if they're up before I go, and our flight leaves at zombie-o-clock tomorrow night. We'll be touching down in Halifax sometime stupidly early on Saturday morning, and from there...

It's anyone's best guess what happens from there, really.

SO! I'll be doing my damnedest to be online next week in time for classes, but in the meantime and just in-case something goes awry, Algren is going to be locked in his room on some kind of getting-over-the-denial-of-Fandom-weird whiskey binge, Reno will be off-island running some kind of odd job for Tseng, and Warren will be... Cranky, sullen, antisocial Warren. I am certain you are all surprised.

Take care, Fandom! Don't blow up the school while I'm gone! Again.
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T'is the season?

In light of the fact that I am preparing for a cross-continental move with the holiday season in full-swing, I'm going to be taking a few days off from the game for things like packing, recovering from being trampled by insane holiday dollar-store shoppers, and more packing. I'll be back on Tuesday in time for Radio.

This applies to both Reno and Warren (who will play out his glitterbomb threads today on pain of extreme slowplay), and sorry for the inconvenience if anyone was hoping for Fina or the Freelance Police HQ tomorrow.
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In a couple of hours, I'm being whisked away to the wilds of Southern Alberta for a big group camping trip of nerdly proportions. As it is camping in the woods of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and all, I highly doubt there will be so much as an outlet for plugging in my lappy, let alone a wireless connection, so my precious leg-growth with keys will be staying home for the duration.

Reno is a weetiny baby chocobo, and Rikku and Ghanima have modding rights if they so desire. Warren is under a rock somewhere, so no need to worry about him.

See you Monday or Tuesday! Whee!
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I should have put this up days ago, I know. Punctuality, what is that?

This weekend, it is moving weekend. Tonight, I'll be off to the house. The house in which I shall be living, and it shall be my house, and that is awesome.

However, there's no internet there as of yet. And it's a neighbourhood full of oooold people who don't even know how to turn on computers. There are no wireless connections that I can piggyback. Not even secured ones that I can stare at longingly. The guy from Telus is supposed to swing by sometime tomorrow to set up our connection, so theoretically, I should be around sometime tomorrow night, but these things are notoriously bound to go bad, so if I'm not around for even a few days, it isn't for lack of trying.

Reno is burying himself in paperwork in the meantime. Rikku can have modding rights if need absolutely be. :)

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For whatever reason, I always end my week looking forward to the weekend, and then start the weekend going, "Can it be the work week again?"

I'm being irreparably family-kidnapped today despite my best efforts and all reasoning that I haven't had a family-free weekend in three months and this was supposed to be the weekend off dammit, and all that jazz.

So the presence of Reno, Valentine, Michelangelo, and Puss in Boots may or may not be hurting terribly for the remainder of the day. We'll see if I get to bring my laptop with me this time or not.

Sorry for any MercCon/Host Club/TurkJugglerTurtleCat inconvenience this might cause. Slowplay is nice. Uh. Pbbth.


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