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Timon Berkowitz was, as Timon Berkowitz always had been, a particularly sound sleeper. And really, one had to be, when one's bed was usually atop the backside of a snoring warthog.

The warthog had never minded, of course. Pumbaa had been Timon's bestest best friend for years, and nothing about that was ever going to change. Ever. Heck, judging by the particularly warm squishiness of his favoritest sleeping spot today, the little meerkat found himself waking up with a grin.

"Been packin' on the pounds again, huh, Pumb--" He blinked. This certainly wasn't the jungle. And he certainly wasn't sleeping on Pumbaa's back. "Huh."

Being a meerkat of great courage and loyalty, naturally Timon was terribly concerned for the well-being and safety of his misplaced buddy.

"I wonder what kinda grub they have to eat around this joint!"

... Mostly.

[Open like an open thing! Yes, Reno is Timon the Meerkat, from The Lion King continuity- But with a few tweaks. He's from the Timon and Pumbaa cartoon show, as Quinton Flynn does both Reno's voice and season one's Timon. And people can understand what he says! Hooray, talking meerkat!]
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Reno did not want to wake up. Reno was wide awake, laying there in his bed, his face shoved as far into his pillow as he could manage without asphyxiating himself, but this did not yet mean that he had actually woken up.

Between stealing his own wallet, making large areas spontaneously combust in a psychopathic rage, and having casual conversation with a lion over the course of the weekend, he figured that it was well within his rights to not have to wake up just yet.

Also, his hair had been huge. And he'd drank all his own tequila. And waking up meant that he'd have to start on his overdue report to Tseng. And any such report, after this particular sort of weekend, was going to have to begin with, "No, really, boss. I'm not drunk, but..."

Reno hated this place all over again.

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Well, this was a room that Axel certainly wasn't familiar with. In fact, the whole place was really something new.

For a guy who could travel with a nod of his head and a swirl of darkness, that was really saying a lot.

Naturally, the first thing he did was dig through the nightstand nearest to him. Why not? Right. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, some sort of business suit, cellphone, wallet- he pocketed those last two. Again, why not? And then he looked around the room some more.

When he finally had it memorized, he casually stretched his arms and sat down on the edge of the bed that he had woken up in. Not bad. Not bad.

[[Yo! Establishy, unless the roomie wants to WTF!]]


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