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Reno was in a mood. But it wasn't as bad a mood as the one he'd been in on Tuesday when he did his broadcast. A few conversations had, at the very least, helped him get his head on straight again, and he'd picked up a replacement for his duct-taped mess of a laptop at T&C earlier, so he was good to go.

In a mood, but good to go.

He cracked his knuckles, loaded his e-mail up, and started to type his report.

Oh, Tseng was going to LOVE this. )

Reno was not the greatest typist in the world, but he was sure that his report got the message across pretty clearly.

[The door's closed, but the post is open if anyone has a burning need to stop in to prod Reno.]
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Reno was sitting cross-legged on his bed, a stack of photocopied papers spread out on the sheets in front of him. He was ignoring his laundry, which probably ought to get done before his roomie could notice the red streaks across the back of one of his white shirts. And he was ignoring his report to Tseng, which he usually ignored anyhow until the very last minute or whenever the angry e-mails started to pour in. And he was focusing entirely on making stupid sounds without sounding too stupid.

"Oui pnayg so ... hekrd. Ed ec lumt eh dra dnaac?"


"Drec ec lnywo. Cdnyhka. Pydrnuus nupud lyhto bahkiehc."

Reno sounded like an idiot and he hated everything.

[That Reno is making stupid sounds is totally fine to mention on radio, that the stupid sounds are Al Bhed is totally NFB, please. <3 I leave for work in 20 minutes. Am available for slowplay much later tonight though, if you really want to have strange words thrown at you.]


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