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Rude's couch was lumpy and hard to sleep on.

Rude's couch was lumpy and hard to sleep on, Rude's booze was running low, and the lighting in Rude's living room sucked.

All that, and Reno had more reading material than he could have ever hoped for. And a bean sprout in a plastic cup sitting in some wet paper towel. And a pair of cacti that he hadn't managed to kill yet. And an anxious ferret, attempting to help him either with the booze, or with the reading, whichever Mako happened to be able to reach more easily at the time.

As such things went, after a week and a half back in Edge with no outlet to the real world, it was time for Reno to take a break. He'd written a letter earlier in the week in reply to one that he'd gotten last week Thursday, which was all well and good... but dammit, he needed to hear a voice that didn't belong to a Turk, a member of the WRO, or some random person living on the street corners in Edge.

Spare Gil for the homeless, they'd beg, and he'd toss them a few, just because he had a few to spare. But not without a mumble and a frown.

Yeah. You an' everyone else, yo.

He needed to make some freaking phone calls, or he was going to go out of his mind, damn it.

[NFB for distance, open to anyone who thinks that Reno would have a reason to call them! Or, heck, open to anyone. He's bored, he'll probably just hit buttons until he hears familiar voices, at this point.]
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It had been a long day, and Reno had gotten permission to beat people up for candy, which meant that Deadpool was the coolest adult ever. But, as really cool days tended to go, there was always a time when wee Renos had to retire to their bedrooms again, in order to pull on their pyjamas and get ready for be-


Maybe not get ready for bed so much. There was a time when wee Renos had to harass the poor ferret, instead.


[Open room post is open!]
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"--And you don't even smell that bad," Reno said, holding his ferret in his arms. He'd been going on like this since he'd woken up and decided to strike up a friendly rapport with his pet. "Kinda like sour somethin'-or-other or kinda gunky feet or somethin'. I've smelled worse, yo. I mean, like, I smelled worse, Mako. You should'a seen the kinda junk we had to wade through as Turks. And, I mean, Midgar. There was a city that stank. I miss Midgar. And here I am talkin' to you like a nut. You know, I shouldn't even have a pet? I only agreed to gettin' you when Rikku dragged me to the pet shop 'cause I crave some kinda companionship that ain't gonna leave me just because they find out I'm some kinda heartless government tool--"

That was about the point where he furrowed his eyebrows and frowned.

"And you don't care. You're some kinda weasel thing. So why am I tellin' you this?"

Mako blinked up at Reno lazily, and then set his chin down on his lap and attempted to sleep. Snoozing was hard when someone kept trying to strike up a conversation with you, after all.

[Open door is open!]
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It was morning! Almost morning! Kinda morning! The glowy letters on the clock-thingie were looking kinda like they usually did when Mako always woke up to scratch around his cage and Reno was in bed and he had to get up soon anyhow because it was Reno-wake-up time and Mako wasn't in his cage today, he was on the floor! In clothing things! And he was biiiiiiiiig.

Which, really, could only mean one thing.

Today was the day that Mako was going to steal the bed and put it over there in his corner under his cage!!

With a somewhat uncoordinated happy sort of bounce which wound up with him falling on his behind with a loud thud because bouncing on two legs was harder than bouncing on four legs but that was okay because he was just fine anyhow!!!-- Mako started to tug on the end of the spare bed with his hands. Which, he decided, was soooo much cooler than pulling on things with his mouth, and he was going to totally keep these hands if he was allowed.

Over there, across the room, Reno was being all sleeeepy and cranky and he soooo wasn't a morning person. Which was sad, because if he was, Mako was gonna want to play, and it was eating time anyhow, and shouldn't Reno be awake to feed him soon? He should! So Mako was going to try to honk but it came out as a giggle-thing and he would bounce and trip over his own feet and giggle-honk some more until Reno opened his eyes and sat up and--

"Who the shit are you, zoto?!"


[Post is open for interaction, if you're up before anyone in the universe should have any right to be IC, and if you don't mind crazy slowplay OOC!]
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Reno was of legal voting age, sure, but was not American. Heck, he wasn't even from this planet. And anyhow, it wasn't like he'd know what to do with a ballot if it hit him in the face. Mayoral elections in Midgar had been a joke, because all the strings had been pulled by the guy on top anyhow. So he'd largely ignored politics back home in favor of doing his job and beating things up. That had always been more interesting anyhow.

That was why, instead of being too concerned about the election going on outside today, Reno was making himself comfortable in his room, pitting his ferret against both the wee elephant that had wandered in, and the donkey.

Kind of like a cockfight, but with more honking.

The ferret seemed to be winning.

[The door's open, and I'll be around all day.]
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After class, Reno headed back to his room. His nice, quiet room. To play with his ferret. Because this Parents Weekend thing was for the birds, and he didn't keep birds. Or have parents. So he figured he was pleasantly safe.

[Room thing part, totally open, la.]
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Tying up loose ends, yo. )

[Preplayed with and coded by the remarkable [livejournal.com profile] the_merriest! NFI 'cause I'm going to bed, darnit~]
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Reno cracked open one eye.

And then he cracked open the other.

And then he shot into a sitting position with a bit of a yelp, looking around his room in a cold sweat.

... Oh. Okay. Okay, he wasn't dead, and he wasn't locked in a closet while not dead, after all, and he was pretty certain that he was sane again. Or as close as he ever got to it. No evil twins? No vast fortune? He was still just a dirty paid killer from the slums? He'd just slept in?

Okay. Good. Reno shook his head to himself, swore up and down that someday he was gonna find the island's balls so that he could kick them in, and then he got out of bed to feed his ferret. His nice, normal, possibly slightly retarded mutt of a ferret, who had perfectly normal toes and a tendency to honk at anything that moved.

"Fandom is way too friggin' weird," he mumbled to himself.

Mako Dumbass the First agreed with a hearty sort of honk while he gnawed on Reno's fingers.

[Open if anyone wants to say hi. I just felt like being all posty.]
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Reno had survived the end of the world. And Reno had survived class, and now Reno was dragging himself into his dorm room, with the bed in it that he'd been sleeping in for months, and all his booze, and his stuff.

Stuff like his toy helicopter and his dirty magazines and his witty t-shirts and-

There was a rattle and a honk from the cage on the floor.

- And stuff like his ferret.


Reno was going to make his way over there, pull Mako out of his cage, sit down on his bed, and let the little guy chew on his fingers until he lost consciousness.

[Open like an open thing! The door, it's still open a crack, for all your fried-Reno and bouncy ferret needs.]
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Okay. So it had been a kinda cool dance, no pun intended, in spite of all the ice. But it was tradition to follow up dances with quality time with Rikku in his dorm room, and so, Reno did.

Because he wasn't going to be the guy to mess with tradition, okay?

And after tradition came snuggling. Of course, this was also tradition.

What was new was the ferret. It hadn't been involved in the tradition, but now that they were done being all traditional, Reno and Rikku had decided to give it some quality time, too. Mostly it involved pointing and laughing.

The ferret totally had one of Reno's socks. Socks were awesome! They were good for chewing on and honking at and hiding and smuggling away into nests!

"No, really," Reno said, watching the ninja-weasel-goose with an air of amusement, "the quarter decided it. His name is Dumbass until I can come up with somethin' better."

Well, at least Dumbass seemed to like the name.

[For Rikku, who was modded with permission!]
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Reno had himself a ferret.

The ferret didn't have a name yet, but at least Reno knew what it was. That was a bonus, at least. So, while Reno busied himself on the internet looking up information on proper ferret care, he let the little ninja-weasel-goose run free around his room.

This went about as well as could be expected. While Reno was, in fact, uncovering some pretty useful information, he was rather distracted as well.

After all, it wasn't every day you got to see a member of the weasel family attempt to haul a nightstand over to its cage in an effort to add it to its nest.

It wasn't going anywhere, and so the nameless ferret moved on to the next item it could manage. It had only slightly better results with the sheets dangling off the edge of Reno's bed.

"You," Reno informed the ferret with a grin on his lips, "are one stupid little critter, aren't you?"

The ferret honked in joyful agreement and decided that it would rather try to wage war on Reno's foot, after all.

[Open if you want to stop by to visit the weasels Reno and the pet, but the door's closed to prevent any stealthy and ill-fated escapes down the hallway and then the stairwell. Thread with Romeo will be last chronologically, no matter what order people might happen to ping in. Yay ferret!]


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