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It was perhaps little-known fact that lazy-assed Reno of the Turks made it a daily ritual since coming back to the island to make his way to the beach to train, every morning before sunup. This usually involved a stupid amount of coffee, yes. Which didn't hurt anything. It kept him from accidentally smashing himself in the face with his baton, or something.

He hadn't been able to sleep last night, and so he found himself out a little earlier than usual, alternating between dragging ass and hauling it, trying to get a decent warm-up in before the usual suspects showed up for their own training sessions. He had to look competent, after all, for both the Rookie and Ghanima, whoever came first.

Three steps forward, a dash to the side as quickly as he could manage without dipping into Ghanima's training. Send sand flying in all directions at a sudden stop, and then dart forward again.

He barely stopped before barrelling into the most freaky-looking hole that he'd ever seen, backpedaling like crazy with wide eyes to avoid the pull that nearly yanked him off his feet.

He wasn't so lucky with the one that opened right behind him.

So much for training, today.

[OOC: Just hopping on the establishy bandwagon! Mmm, holes in reality.]
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There had been a handwavey dinner at one of those fancy new restaurants in town, where, naturally, Reno had excused himself to 'go to the bathroom' halfway through the meal, and had ended up paying for dinner while Rikku least expected it.

It really had been a matter of pride.

Dinner had gone well enough, at that. Nobody had turned into weird animals. Freak thunderstorms hadn't kicked up in the distance. The world hadn't ended.

Reno really couldn't complain as he laid the blanket out on the beach.

They had a sky to watch. Clouds and chill in the air and all.

[For one.]
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There had been kids. Showing up out of the blue, being bloody adorable at them with introductions and some more over breakfast. There'd been worry about two of them taking off to feed ducks, and more worry that morning about what would happen to one of them when he went back home.

But right now? Right now was all about not worrying about any of that. Right now, Reno, Rikku, Ruba, and Rede had found their way to the beach. With umbrellas of varying sizes for both the wee, and not-so-wee.

For family time.

"Bet I can make a bigger splash in that puddle than you can," Reno mused.

[For le aforementioned bits of family!]


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