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It was much faster a job than one would expect, given how much crap Reno had amassed since coming to Fandom. But he had managed to stuff everything that he had come to the island with into the same duffel he had brought initially, and most of his booze stash even managed to get crammed in there as well. This left a box with a model helicopter to be carried under one arm, and he was good to go.

Turks, after all, knew how to pack light.

Reno, who was thankfully far less blue than he had been last night, looked around room 501, smirking faintly. If there was one thing that could be said for the school office, it was that they worked decently quickly. Even if they couldn't spell to save their lives.

Room 429. A single. Tseng would be sated, anyhow, and it meant that Reno got a room all to himself, which wasn't half bad, either.

[Establishy-ish? I'm leaving for work in half an hour, but it's open if anyone wants to ask Reno what he's up to-- if you're okay with not being pinged back to until later on this evening.]
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Okay. So Reno's report back to Tseng was now four or so days late. Reno was also blue. Now that he was too freaked out to show his face in public, it would be a great time to hole himself up in his room, bite the bullet, and type the stupid thing out.

Nearly the instant that he had hit send, he had received a reply.

So he opened it! )

Needless to say, he was on his feet and out the door, blue face and all, very quickly.

[NFI, for this is establishy goodness, la la la.]
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Reno was sitting cross-legged on his bed, a stack of photocopied papers spread out on the sheets in front of him. He was ignoring his laundry, which probably ought to get done before his roomie could notice the red streaks across the back of one of his white shirts. And he was ignoring his report to Tseng, which he usually ignored anyhow until the very last minute or whenever the angry e-mails started to pour in. And he was focusing entirely on making stupid sounds without sounding too stupid.

"Oui pnayg so ... hekrd. Ed ec lumt eh dra dnaac?"


"Drec ec lnywo. Cdnyhka. Pydrnuus nupud lyhto bahkiehc."

Reno sounded like an idiot and he hated everything.

[That Reno is making stupid sounds is totally fine to mention on radio, that the stupid sounds are Al Bhed is totally NFB, please. <3 I leave for work in 20 minutes. Am available for slowplay much later tonight though, if you really want to have strange words thrown at you.]
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Having just sent a handwavey e-mail to Tseng that began with the words, "I swear I'm not freakin' drunk, but bear with me," Reno felt it was safe to finally poke through the e-mails that he'd been ignoring all weekend while typing up that stupid report.

He ran through the typical gamut of "junk, junk, spam, junk with spam filling, junk, Host Club invite, junk" before backtracking, clicking on the invite, and looking it over with his mouth agape before turning around and raising an eyebrow at his roomie.


[[Intended for the roomie, who is modded into the room with his mun's permission, but open to anyone, provided you don't mind wonky availability because of Tamaki company.]]
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Why yes, yes Reno does, in fact, check his e-mail.

Junk, junk, junk, junk with spam filling, ten messages from the boss informing him that his second report is half a week late, junk, invite to the Girls with Guns club, spam, spam, junk, jun-- Ooooh.

He scrolled up and clicked on the invite, reading it over a good three times and grinning all the more as he did so.

"Chicks and firearms," he said aloud. "I'm so there, yoto."

[[Door and post open like an open thing. Give Reno another reason to put off writing that "no, really, I'm not insane, I just wasn't me at all this weekend" report for Tseng.]]
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Reno did not want to wake up. Reno was wide awake, laying there in his bed, his face shoved as far into his pillow as he could manage without asphyxiating himself, but this did not yet mean that he had actually woken up.

Between stealing his own wallet, making large areas spontaneously combust in a psychopathic rage, and having casual conversation with a lion over the course of the weekend, he figured that it was well within his rights to not have to wake up just yet.

Also, his hair had been huge. And he'd drank all his own tequila. And waking up meant that he'd have to start on his overdue report to Tseng. And any such report, after this particular sort of weekend, was going to have to begin with, "No, really, boss. I'm not drunk, but..."

Reno hated this place all over again.

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Well, this was a room that Axel certainly wasn't familiar with. In fact, the whole place was really something new.

For a guy who could travel with a nod of his head and a swirl of darkness, that was really saying a lot.

Naturally, the first thing he did was dig through the nightstand nearest to him. Why not? Right. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, some sort of business suit, cellphone, wallet- he pocketed those last two. Again, why not? And then he looked around the room some more.

When he finally had it memorized, he casually stretched his arms and sat down on the edge of the bed that he had woken up in. Not bad. Not bad.

[[Yo! Establishy, unless the roomie wants to WTF!]]
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A week had passed since Reno had arrived on the island, and he still hadn't drafted up a report. )

... Yeah. That'd do it. He'd mention the rest when he knew more about it. Maybe pace himself and save the good stuff for later, because things were bound to get slow and boring once the newbies all settled in. Or something.

Reno didn't bother to re-read what he had typed up before he hit 'send.' Being sent to high school meant that any report from him really didn't deserve the extra effort.

[[OOC: Obligatory linkdroppy goodness. Post is open if anyone wants to visit.]]
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Oh, look. A room.

Reno wandered his way into his new dorm room, smirking faintly when he noted there was no sign of his new roomie to be seen. He could live with that. With any luck, if the poor bastard did decide to show, he'd at least be semi-normal. He wasn't going to have many drinking buddies with Rude back in Edge, after all.

He tossed his bag on the floor, leaving his door open behind him. He wasn't going to continue being an antisocial prick just because he was absolutely convinced that high school was going to suck.

[[Door's open, yo!]]


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