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The girlfriends had classes. The baby needed to be protected. That was the mission. That was the job.

Hunkered down in Rikku's room. Surrounded by diapers and baby food and a smiling yellow teddybear crib. Watching the baby.

The mind-blowingly adorable baby. With the little red pigtails and the big green eyes and the wiggly toes. Very cute wiggly toes. Reno was resisting the urge to make up his own version of "this little piggy," because he didn't actually know how it was supposed to go.

Yep. Alone in Rikku's room. With a baby.

And Madrox.

"If she craps herself, you're on diaper duty, yo."

[For that guy, but the post is open! If you want to make the boys freak out good, just knock. :D]
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Okay. So. Reno had to talk to Rikku.

He really, really had to just man up and talk to Rikku.

Which involved knocking on the door.

He could do that. Any moment now. He'd lift his hand, and then he would knock. On the door.


... Dammit, Reno, there is no fine art to knocking on the door. Just do it already.

There we go. Door: Knocked upon. And now he was going to work on standing there and not taking off down the hall.

This was going to be an interesting night.

[For she who lives here, natch!]
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Okay. So, the plan tonight was supposed to be pajamas and movies, or whatever. But Reno didn't have pajamas. So he was going to settle for one of his rude t-shirts. But he had no idea where they went. Probably the same place as his jacket, two pairs of his pants, all of his white dress-shirts, and every single sock that didn't have holes in it.

So Reno was knocking at Rikku's door tonight in one of his blue dress-shirts. The one with the pinstripes that he'd bought from Romeo at Pixie Dust back when there had actually been a Pixie. Socks, he didn't need. Socks were stupid, anyhow.

He came bearing potato chips! Knock knock!

[For the girl who lives here!]
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Reno had to talk.
Headed down to Rikku's room.
Knocking on the door.

[For the laaaady.]


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