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"No. No no no no no no no no NO."

Reno had all of his pants laid out on his bed.

Reno's pants were not pants today. They were... hideous. Hideous something.

Reno was not amused.

"If this has anything to do with the destiny that Dawn gave to Romeo on Monday, I'm gonna..."

Reno made a point of wearing his 'I Piss Excellence' t-shirt instead of the usual suit jacket, and then a relatively tame pair of boxer shorts underneath the hideous Bermuda shorts today. Just in-case he felt the urge to CLAW HIS SHORTS OFF IN A FIT at any point during the day to run free in his underpants.

As you do.

[Just making the most of the crack before work. Open, if you don't mind slowplay to a massive, massive degree.]
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After a day of wandering lost in the pea soup that was the fog out there (and Reno had thought he'd seen some pretty thick smog back when he was living in Midgar), he'd finally, finally found his way back to his cabin, his alcove, his bed, parked himself on top of it, and dammit, he wasn't going anywhere until he absolutely had to.

In the face of the fog and of ... current events, it was probably a good idea to just stay put for a while.

Stay put, and muse over the fireworks that he'd made in class earlier that day.

Eventually, he'd set them off. He hoped they were as flashy as he'd heard fireworks were supposed to be.

[Open Alcove is Open~]
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It had been one hell of a long day.

Which was why, by the time Reno finally managed to find his stupid alcove again, he was about ready to curl up on his bed and stop functioning entirely until tomorrow. Maybe wake up for Radio. Then collapse again. That sounded like a plan.

He picked up his phone, eyed it for a moment, and then typed in a text message.

Yo, Tseng. Still a damn Turk.

He shook his head, closed his phone, and dropped it on the floor, message unsent.

Reno wasn't sleeping tonight.

[Shamelessly linkdroppy. Shamelessly. Curtain closed, post open if you want.]


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