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Reno... really didn't have anything better to do today but come and hang out in his office, no.

Okay, sure, so there was the mother of all freaking bouquets on his desk, courtesy of his smart-assed co-teacher. And the flowers were starting to go a little...

Uh. Soggy, Reno supposed, was a good word for it.

So he was here today, up to his elbows in rotting flowers, with his nose wrinkled as he picked out all the valuable little nick-nacks from inside of it.

Pearls? Seriously?

The one upside, anyhow, was that Reno could sell some of this crap off and send the money back to Edge or Junon or something. This monster could totally go a long way, back home. Not that he suspected for an instant that maybe something like that was what Genesis had in mind...

[Open door, open office! Since I remembered that Reno actually has one of these things, today!]
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So, the thing about getting care packages from the Rookies at Fandom was... Well, they were exciting to break open and rummage through. And Reno always found himself grinning like an idiot as he poked about at the contents. Really, until the Rookies started sending stuff like this, he could honestly say that (barring Fandom Island picnics and assorted acts of nature) he'd never seen so much food all in one place in his life.

With more care than he ever really bothered to admit he could take with something, he set the rum and the vodka to the side. One of those space heaters would come in handy right... right there, in the corner. By Mako, so that the ferret could stay warm. The seeds could sit over there, on that shelf by the soil samples that he'd grabbed, from that fertile patch out in the wastelands.

And that cookie there could go into his mouth.

The rest? Well. There were a few kids outside, and it was winter in Edge. He couldn't take them in- it was too damn dangerous for a Turk to let anybody in, even kids. Too dangerous for the kids, for that matter. But they could probably use a comforter. And a heater that didn't need to be plugged in.

... And some steaks. And some juice. And some chewy vitamins.

And so on.

"What do you think, Mako?" Reno sighed as he closed up the box and started to puzzle out how many trips it was going to take him to bring all of this stuff down to street level. "You figure that damn island made me soft?"

The ferret honked.

"Yeah. I didn't think so either, yo."

[Open for phone calls, if anyone wants!]
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It was one of those rare nights that Reno had managed to score all to himself, off-duty, with not a single reason to worry about Tseng calling him in out of the blue to do some urgent mission or another. Why? Because Rude had the night off, too, and Tseng knew better than to try to call Reno in when Rude would do the job just as well, and without whining about it.

And so, there he was, sprawled backwards on the couch (and doing an admirable job of ignoring the busted springs in his back) and staring up at the ceiling, contemplating where in the world he was supposed to go from here and the obstacles on his way to wherever that turned out to be.

"Winter's coming, yo." He paused, and then, with a faint smirk on his lips, he added, "Fehdan'c lusehk."

At the very least, it wasn't as though he'd be making the trip alone.

[For that girl who speaks the funny language. And sure, open for phone calls or whatever, if you'd like.]
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"Back to work, back to work."

Work for Reno, it should be noted, mostly consisted of him putting his feet on his desk and pretending to be busy. There were reports to be filed. He didn't wanna. That required effort.

Taking jobs that involved him chasing down monsters or beating terrorists to a messy pulp or, dare he say it, the jobs that required making hits? That wasn't work. That was play.

Reno? Reno was working. So hard at work. Staring at paper. Paperwork would be less boring if maybe it came in crossword format. Or word search. Or if it was written out in code that replaced each letter of the alphabet with a different picture of a naked chick. If it did that, maybe it wouldn't be so much work!

Yes, he was totally spending his time hard at work trying to will the phone to ring with his brain. Ugh, work.

[For phonecalls, of course. Reno is, as usual, boooored.]
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"I'm friggin' bored," Reno announced, possibly to nobody in particular, possibly to the bowl of beans that he'd picked. "Bored bored bored."

The beans said nothing.

"You know how bored I am?"

The beans waited patiently for a reply.

"I'm so friggin' bored, I'm talkin' to string beans."

This was what happened when Reno got himself suspended from duty for two weeks.


[NFB for distance, as usual, but totally open for phone calls!]
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It had been another long, hard night. Tseng seemed to be doing everything in his power to drive Reno to the point of cracking since Elena had taken off for Fandom, and Reno couldn't exactly blame him. This time, it had been a run to the outskirts of the makeshift city, under heavy gunfire, to neutralize a group of citizens who had gotten fed up with the poverty. They'd gone out, found themselves some weapons inside the wreckage of the old ShinRa building, and had taken to going door-to-door, shaking people down and waving said guns in their faces until they handed over all of their food.

Not cool.

In Which Stuff Happens, And Reno Has A Chewy Ear. )

[Open for phone calls or what-have-you.]
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Okay, so there'd been that dance last night. And there'd been training with Ghanima, and plenty of drinking, and then Fight Club, and now there was to be even more drinking. Because that was just how Reno rolled.

He'd kind of given up on the two-mouthful drinks that could be purchased from the minibar, and so he'd made a handwavey booze run earlier in the day, and he was now good and stocked up with everything from Absolut to the ingredients to slosh together a Flaming Zombie.

The name seemed fitting. Reno kinda had to, here.

Oh yeah, and there were the partners in crime.

[Come one, come all! The booze is free!]
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Damn, it was good to be on the island.

Daaaaaaaamn, it was so good to be on the island. And sure, the room he'd grabbed at The Arms wasn't his dorm room, but he had a real, honest-to-gods bed here, instead of the lumpy couch Reno had been sleeping on for the past little while, and that alone made the whole trip worth it.

Well, the bed and the minibar. He was going to have to coordinate some kind of drinking outing with the guys before he took off again, maybe. In the meantime, he'd pick up his cellphone and leave some handwavey messages telling his buddies on the island where he could be found.

And then? Then he was going to flop backward on that amazing friggin' bed and just sprawl.

Oh, hell yeah.

[Door's open, and if you figure you'd get a call, you totally did. Mmmm, feels like home.]
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Rude's couch was lumpy and hard to sleep on.

Rude's couch was lumpy and hard to sleep on, Rude's booze was running low, and the lighting in Rude's living room sucked.

All that, and Reno had more reading material than he could have ever hoped for. And a bean sprout in a plastic cup sitting in some wet paper towel. And a pair of cacti that he hadn't managed to kill yet. And an anxious ferret, attempting to help him either with the booze, or with the reading, whichever Mako happened to be able to reach more easily at the time.

As such things went, after a week and a half back in Edge with no outlet to the real world, it was time for Reno to take a break. He'd written a letter earlier in the week in reply to one that he'd gotten last week Thursday, which was all well and good... but dammit, he needed to hear a voice that didn't belong to a Turk, a member of the WRO, or some random person living on the street corners in Edge.

Spare Gil for the homeless, they'd beg, and he'd toss them a few, just because he had a few to spare. But not without a mumble and a frown.

Yeah. You an' everyone else, yo.

He needed to make some freaking phone calls, or he was going to go out of his mind, damn it.

[NFB for distance, open to anyone who thinks that Reno would have a reason to call them! Or, heck, open to anyone. He's bored, he'll probably just hit buttons until he hears familiar voices, at this point.]
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Grad was over! Reno was a free man! More or less!

And there was no better way to celebrate this fact than to make his way to the hotel, hit up Tseng's room, and then instigate a drinking game of booze purchased straight out of the minibar, while watching some terrible movie on pay-per-view.

One of those Keanu Reeves movies, or whatever. Keanu Reeves starring as Keanu Reeves, doing the things that Keanu Reeves does.

"Two shots if somethin' blows up," Reno announced to the Turks assembled. "Three if it's not because of Keanu, zoto."

[For, like, every Final Fantasy character on the island.]
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It had been a long day, and Reno had gotten permission to beat people up for candy, which meant that Deadpool was the coolest adult ever. But, as really cool days tended to go, there was always a time when wee Renos had to retire to their bedrooms again, in order to pull on their pyjamas and get ready for be-


Maybe not get ready for bed so much. There was a time when wee Renos had to harass the poor ferret, instead.


[Open room post is open!]
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The girlfriends had classes. The baby needed to be protected. That was the mission. That was the job.

Hunkered down in Rikku's room. Surrounded by diapers and baby food and a smiling yellow teddybear crib. Watching the baby.

The mind-blowingly adorable baby. With the little red pigtails and the big green eyes and the wiggly toes. Very cute wiggly toes. Reno was resisting the urge to make up his own version of "this little piggy," because he didn't actually know how it was supposed to go.

Yep. Alone in Rikku's room. With a baby.

And Madrox.

"If she craps herself, you're on diaper duty, yo."

[For that guy, but the post is open! If you want to make the boys freak out good, just knock. :D]
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Okay, so there had been a bit of drinking, last night. A little. More than a little. A fair bit. A lot.

Reno and Rikku were totally smashed. Which had led to wacky goings on and terrible fashion choices in a completely handwavey manner involving a horrid Hawaiian shirt, even worse shorts, and one of those hideous fish-ties.

There just so happened to be a chapel on the boat. And, in their particular states of inebriated stupidity and horrible misdress, there had been a revelation...

Weddings totally didn't count if you used fake names, right?

And heck, even if they did, they were drunk enough that it seemed like a very good, very hilarious idea, at the time.

[Open chapel is TOTALLY OPEN. Because... Yes. It must be.]
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Okay. So. Reno had to talk to Rikku.

He really, really had to just man up and talk to Rikku.

Which involved knocking on the door.

He could do that. Any moment now. He'd lift his hand, and then he would knock. On the door.


... Dammit, Reno, there is no fine art to knocking on the door. Just do it already.

There we go. Door: Knocked upon. And now he was going to work on standing there and not taking off down the hall.

This was going to be an interesting night.

[For she who lives here, natch!]
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Okay. So, the plan tonight was supposed to be pajamas and movies, or whatever. But Reno didn't have pajamas. So he was going to settle for one of his rude t-shirts. But he had no idea where they went. Probably the same place as his jacket, two pairs of his pants, all of his white dress-shirts, and every single sock that didn't have holes in it.

So Reno was knocking at Rikku's door tonight in one of his blue dress-shirts. The one with the pinstripes that he'd bought from Romeo at Pixie Dust back when there had actually been a Pixie. Socks, he didn't need. Socks were stupid, anyhow.

He came bearing potato chips! Knock knock!

[For the girl who lives here!]
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And the travels of the two potion-wielding weirdos continued, with Reno and Rikku catching a portal after Reno's radio broadcast to a town called Kalm, complete with cheery little colonial houses that gave no indication of the horrible state of decay that Midgar was sitting in, somewhere not far to the Southwest.

Nothing like complete government collapse! )

[NFB for distance! For [livejournal.com profile] the_merriest, who helped write this and who rules like a ruling thing!]
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There had been a handwavey dinner at one of those fancy new restaurants in town, where, naturally, Reno had excused himself to 'go to the bathroom' halfway through the meal, and had ended up paying for dinner while Rikku least expected it.

It really had been a matter of pride.

Dinner had gone well enough, at that. Nobody had turned into weird animals. Freak thunderstorms hadn't kicked up in the distance. The world hadn't ended.

Reno really couldn't complain as he laid the blanket out on the beach.

They had a sky to watch. Clouds and chill in the air and all.

[For one.]
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Reno had to talk.
Headed down to Rikku's room.
Knocking on the door.

[For the laaaady.]
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Reno was standing around outside, after doing things of an entirely nondescript nature, leaning backwards against a nearby wall, tucked out of obvious sight.

He had a lit cigarette clamped in his teeth, and he was clearly just hanging around, having a smoke outside on an October night. Nothing the matter with that.

It wasn't at all that he was waiting to intercept somebody. It wasn't at all that he had to talk to her.


[For one.]


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