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Wastelands. Wastelands as far... (SPOILERS for FFVII: Crisis Core within!) )

[And done! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] glacial_witch and [livejournal.com profile] findingelena for their participation! This follows this post and is the last one we're going to tack up, honest. NFI, NFB, OOC = Love.]
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A church. They were taking her to a church. (Cut for possibly disturbing content.) )

[Part 3! Played with the stunning [livejournal.com profile] glacial_witch and [livejournal.com profile] findingelena, NFI and NFB and OOC is shiny like Lifestream. The first two parts are here and here, and I promise that is all the spam for tonight.]
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It was one of those rare nights that Reno had managed to score all to himself, off-duty, with not a single reason to worry about Tseng calling him in out of the blue to do some urgent mission or another. Why? Because Rude had the night off, too, and Tseng knew better than to try to call Reno in when Rude would do the job just as well, and without whining about it.

And so, there he was, sprawled backwards on the couch (and doing an admirable job of ignoring the busted springs in his back) and staring up at the ceiling, contemplating where in the world he was supposed to go from here and the obstacles on his way to wherever that turned out to be.

"Winter's coming, yo." He paused, and then, with a faint smirk on his lips, he added, "Fehdan'c lusehk."

At the very least, it wasn't as though he'd be making the trip alone.

[For that girl who speaks the funny language. And sure, open for phone calls or whatever, if you'd like.]


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