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Office #7, Saturday

Reno really didn't come into this office often, as could be evidenced by the fact that it was pretty much bare. Sure, there was paperwork scattered across his desk, phone numbers and forms and letters for people through Edge and the rest of the Midgar continent, some of it all even actually regarding things he needed for class.

This week, of all the people he could be making arrangements with, he was working on negotiations with a rancher outside of Kalm. Things were going pretty smoothly, at least, since he'd done business with the man before.

For once, he was sitting in his office and not firing pencils at the ceiling using rubber band slingshots. Probably for the best, since his door was open in case any parents wanted to stop by and ask him what the hell he was teaching their little darlings.


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A slim, dark-haired woman in back pants and a gray shirt strode into Reno's office like she owned it. "You teach my son, Tobias."

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Evelyn frowned. "What does he go by instead?"

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"I certainly didn't name him Four," Evelyn said, pressing her lips together.

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Evelyn frowned again. "It was his father's idea."

Which probably explained it.

"I'm Evelyn Eaton."

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Evelyn nodded. "I intercepted the invitation before it could reach his father."

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Evelyn shrugged a shoulder. "I don't think he would have come, regardless. He didn't take it well when Tobias changed factions."

It had made the papers.

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"I'm here to reconnect. Tobias and I haven't seen each other in years."

Won't that be a lovely surprise for him!

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"An extremely ugly divorce," Evelyn said, nodding.

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"Not in person, but I've been hearing stories through other people," Evelyn said vaguely. "It made the news when he switched factions during the Choosing."

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"Most children are born into one of the five factions," Evelyn explained. "There is a ceremony the year they turn 16 to choose one for themselves. Most people stay in the faction they were born into. Tobias was born into Abnegation--the Selfless. Going from that to Dauntless is practically unheard of. It hasn't happened in almost two decades. His father is an Abnegation leader: Tobias's defection was seen as a sign of weakness, for all that the factions teach 'faction before blood'."

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"Most of the other factions are afraid of the Dauntless," Evelyn said. "They're too intense, too alive, too in-your-face. This is especially true for Abnegation. He couldn't have picked a faction more guaranteed to hurt his father. That was probably at least part of the reasoning behind it."

She didn't sound surprised. Their home life had been far from a happy one.

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Evelyn laughed, but it didn't come close to reaching her eyes. "Well, Marcus has never been the most devoted member of Abnegation."

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Evelyn nodded. "Just tell me how he's doing here."

On this bizarre island.

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"Well, this island is much softer than what we've dealt with," Evelyn said, "and Tobias hasn't been a child in a very long time."

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"Because his name is on your roster," Evelyn said.

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Evelyn smiled a little proudly. "Dauntless," she said softly. "Marcus must be livid."

She sounded more than a little smug about that last part.

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"I'm sure he'd have a different opinion, but I stopped carrying about that about a decade ago," Evelyn said. "As far as I'm concerned, the whole system could come crashing down."

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"People don't get divorced in Abnegation," Evelyn said. "I'm factionless now--as good as dead."

And oh, there was some anger there.

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"Probably not," Evelyn said, "but I couldn't turn down the chance to see him. It's been a very long time."

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"I won't hurt him," Evelyn said, frowning hard. "That was always the other one. This has been very interesting Mr....Reno."