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Office #7, Monday Afternoon

You know what Reno had missed? Reno had missed his office. The one with the chair on wheels, and all the little bits and pieces of whatever crap newspaper clippings he had felt like sticking up on the walls. Sure, the pictures were gone. They'd been packed away years ago and he hadn't gotten around to hanging them up again. But the wheelie-chair?

Reno was going to take some time before working on his lesson plan for this week (a long lecture on exactly why the human race was probably going to end up extinct in their hands, thank you chaotic last class of thank-the-gods-that-wasn't-really-doomsday) to just sit down, appreciate being back in his own office space, and...

... spin in circles for a bit. Maybe play bumper cars with his chair against that wall, there, and hope they were thick enough that he wasn't disturbing whoever worked on the other side of it.

Shut up. Office chairs were fucking awesome.

[OOC: Door and post are open! Reno is completely mature, you guys.]
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Herc had decided to stop by Reno's office and check him out, and would be leaning against the doorframe, slightly amused, with Max at his feet, watching Reno spin, until he got noticed.
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Herc had done something very similar the first time someone gave him an office with a desk chair, so he was not here to judge. "Herc Hansen," he said, coming in and offering his hand across the desk for a shake. "I'm around the corner," he explained, "and I believe you're teaching my boy." Not that Chuck shared his schedule with Herc or anything, but he'd figured it out.

At his feet, Max barked once, and Herc added, "And that would be Max."
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"Well, not exactly," Herc admitted. "We're from different places on the timeline, and apparently different realities, since I think I would remember shipping him off to boarding school in the middle of training. In retrospect it doesn't seem like the worst idea in the world." There were a few people in Alaska who probably would have thanked him. "But, y'know," Herc shrugged. "He's still my kid. Had to check you out. You understand."
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"Where Chuck is from our apocalypse is already in progress," Herc said, grim. That they had successfully cancelled it when he was from he was withholding from anywhere squirrels might overhear. "That he'd sign up for your class is not surprising." Not terrifically helpful to the 'be like a normal teenager' thing, but there was only so far you could fight Chuck. "So what exactly are you teaching them in this class of yours?"
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Herc considered his response, then went with, "So I want to apologize for Chuck in advance, then."
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"Chuck," Herc began, speaking slowly, "he's good in a fight, but he's not good at...teamwork, or getting along with other people, or thinking anyone other than himself might be right about anything ever. Or keeping a cool head, he's got the Hansen temper. Maybe I should have hugged him more, maybe I should have smacked him upside the head more, I don't know, but, you're in for it."
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"Kaiju," Herc corrected absently. "And yeah, that's the thing. Chuck, he thinks he's the only one who can save the world, and I just want him to be a bit of a normal kid before he gets thrown in the deep end, y'know? And then he goes and signs up for the apocalypse class," he sighed. "Anyway, he gets to be too much of a pain in the neck, I'll buy you a beer. I'll buy you several beers."