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Infpost: The 'I Have Too Many Characters Oh Man' Edition!

Hey! All characters that have been here before, nothing especially shiny and new, but I'm going to post this anyway for people who are newer than, say... this guy:

The Turk: Reno
Reno is....

* From the Final Fantasy VII compilation.
* A former alumni of Fandom High, he can't seem to quit this place, since he's been back to teach here once before, four years ago.
* He will be teaching Day After Doomsday this semester, which is going to actually have a syllabus, when I get off my butt to post it.
* A natural ginger. No, really. The blue in his eyes is less natural, however.
* The fastest of the Turks. Blink and you miss him.
* The go-to guy if you're all wee and impressionable and you need someone to take you under his wing. He once had a small gaggle of rookies on the island. They all seemed to be wee blonde girls.
* That guy with the speech tic that has him saying "yo" and variations of it after almost everything he says. You get used to it. Or you don't.
* That guy with the face tattoos. The red things, under his eyes. He has other ink, which he got since coming to Fandom. The sun on his bicep, and the baby chocobo with a bottle of mezcal on his butt, however, aren't nearly as obvious as those ones on his face.
* Trouble. And he knows it.
* Guilty. Get over it, 'guilty' is totally my type. His world was almost obliterated, and he was among the obliterators. So he has his reasons.
* A helicopter pilot, and damn proud of it.
* Rikku's boyfriend. She's currently off in Spira, while he settles in on the island.
* A total dipshit when he wants to be. A total hardass when he needs to be. And a professional asshole.
* A wee bit of an AU thanks to a movie that retconned itself. Thanks for that Advent Children remake, Square-Enix.
* And if you want his original infopost, it can be found over here.

The Princess: Elsa of Arendelle
Elsa is....

* From Disney's Frozen.
* And it's not actually about the snowman, no matter what the trailers might suggest.
* And not only is she a girl, but she's also a princess. The username is misleading, but iceolatedprincess wouldn't fit and she's a queen for most of her canon.
* She's from Disney, though, so at least I'm not completely breaking type.
* She's got powers that she's been hiding for most of her life, too, so if you doubted at all that she was mine, well...
* She came to Fandom in the wake of a family tragedy, leaving a younger sister and a kingdom she's still too young to rule behind her.
* And yes, this is entirely in order to keep those crazy ice powers of hers a secret.
* How crazy are they? Well, she's capable of building a giant ice palace out of thin air, accidentally plunging her kingdom into eternal two-day winter, and creating sentient life. She doesn't know any of these things yet.
* She might or might not find out about her ability to do things on par with the first during her stay on the island. She won't be plunging the place into winter, though, and she most definitely will not be building a snowman.
* It's safe to assume, when your character is interacting with Elsa, that she's always wearing a pair of gloves. If asked, she'll say something about how it's only proper for a princess, thank you.
* And she will not, will not let anybody touch her. She hides her powers not because she's afraid of what will happen to herself, but almost completely because she's afraid of hurting the people around her.
* Childhood trauma. See? Still mine.
* And, as an added bonus, she's got a fantastic singing voice. Because Idina Menzel. Link is a tad spoilery, if you're worried about that sort of thing.

The Apocalypse: Evan Sabahnur
Evan is....

* Is from the Marvel 616 universe. If you've never heard of him, that's understandable. He's still fairly new, and really only shows up in Wolverine & the X-Men, these days.
* His codename is Genesis! Which, I imagine, comes from the writers being all clever because he happens to be a clone of Apocalypse. Or because Fantomex is a sick, sick bastard, and I'm so sorry Cable, oh my god.
* He has memories of being raised in Kansas, with his Ma and his Pa, and of being trained to use his powers for good by his Uncle Cluster. Recently, he found out that Ma and Pa don't really exist, that he's never set foot in Kansas, and his Uncle Cluster kind of killed the little boy he was cloned from.
* He's actually on the island now because of who he is. Beyond it just not being safe for a clone of Apocalypse back there, the students at his last school had no problem coming up with mean nicknames and insinuating that he's going to commit mass genocide and so on.
* Actually, Kid Apocalypse is the name the students from his last school use to bully him. He loses sleep at night over this stuff.
* But he's a sweetheart, I swear! A really good kid who happens to have, you know, all the powers of Apocalypse, just on a seriously less well-honed scale.
* So that would include flight (he uses rocket boots at the moment), shapeshifting (usually just going all stretchy a-la Stretch Armstrong, but he can metamorph his arms into blades and such), energy projection (BOOM) and eye-beams (PEWPEW), as well as an assorted smattering of things that he hasn't really made use of, like telepathy, telekenesis, and technopathy. I'm going to say he just hasn't learned much about those three particular powers until canon tells me otherwise, and ignore them pretty much completely, as such.
* His aura is scary. Like, dark and ominous, lurky and wrong scary. That reflects who he was cloned from, and he is desperate to never reflect that himself. Ever. He's going to be a hero someday, you guys.
* He's currently got an awkward romance going on with the Sholeh aspect of [livejournal.com profile] 3girls_1core and it's adorable. There is much ardent hand-holding. And blushing. And curiosity about freckles.
* You are totally welcome to have your character recognize who he looks like. It's pretty obvious. Either for those who know of Apocalypse, or those who'd just assume that he's related to Jono, who used to look pretty much the same. You'd be accurate either way.

The Punk: Sparkle
Sparkle is....

* He's from a canon you probably don't know by the name of Habitat. It's a play written by the Canadian playwright, Judith Thompson.
* This also makes him my only character that is blatantly Canadian. Yes, I have fun with this. Yes, he bitches about the imperial measurement system and the lack of Coke with sugar in it a lot.
* He likes singing loudly, lying blatantly, smoking, drinking, doing pot, breaking into people's homes and stealing useless crap, lighting things on fire...
* Sparkle has problems. Perhaps you could tell.
* This is because he came directly from a group home in Toronto, after a pretty rough life beforehand. You will never get to learn much about that life beforehand, except that it sucked, and he's not a stranger to sitting on the wrong side of the law.
* This is because of that lying blatantly part. One minute, he'll tell you he killed his parents, the next he'll make up some elaborate story about domestic abuse. He will almost always end up laughing in your face if you believe him.
* He cares more about how his nails look than you do. Trust me.
* He's currently employed at the Demon Marcus, which is the upscale clothing store in town that accomodates literally all body types. He sometimes remembers to open up Dite's Decadent Delights, too, which would be the sex shop.
* And he's gay. And has this tendency to fall for people that he really shouldn't fall for. He will deny both things vehemently. Unless he's fallen for you, in which case there will be some measure of obsessing.
* He'll probably only obsess if you're way too old for him, though. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] never_dull.
* He probably will try to steal your useless crap at some point, though. Unless he likes you, then he'll probably just implicate you as an accomplice.

The Monster: Jonothon Starsmore
Jono is...

* Another guy with powers from the Marvel 616 universe. Apparently that's my type? He's from a good chunk of X-Men related books, starting with Generation X, moving along into Uncanny X-Men, and settling lately in Wolverine & the X-Men. Currently, he's from just after Marvel's 2011 Age of X event, which took him from being a blue Apocalypse clone of sorts back to this lovely specimen you see beside this blurb.
* Former manager of The Boards, he's passed that on to Drac and has moved on to owning and managing the Groovy Tunes, the music store, in town.
* He'll be co-teaching Music Appreciation with [livejournal.com profile] never_dull this summer term at the school. I'd like to think he's pretty qualified.
* He knows music. He knows music better than you. All the music. All of it.
* He also speaks with a British accent that has mellowed out some after nearly a decade spent in America. I have decided that it gets more Cockney the drunker he gets (riding other people's buzz telepathically, of course).
* Emo. And goth. Emoth? Gemo?
* Perpetually on fire from the mouth to the bellybutton. He has some pretty nasty burn scars on his face to go with that, but the fire, at least, he tends to cover up with leather wrappings while he's on the island. Off-island or when he's feeling especially brave lately, he's taken to going around without the bandages on. Let that freak flag fly, Jono!
* The fire means, unfortunately, that he can't eat. Can't speak aloud. Can't kiss. He makes up for the not talking thing by speaking telepathically. With a British accent. Snarkily.
* He uses crazy quotation marks to denote that he's talking telepathically. I can't be bothered to italicize everything or put it into his comic book teal font colour, so I just write his text //like this.//
* Far more of a woobie than he'll ever let on. Honest.
* He's a member of [livejournal.com profile] glacial_queen's Court back in Glacia. First Circle, even. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that he's also kind of a war hero back there, to most of the people in the territory.
* He has a bit of an aura. You know. One of those huge, sprawling, technicolour ones, which you're welcome to see if you have a character who is aura-sensitive.
* And he's kinda stinky. That sort of 'burning tires' smell that you'd expect from a dude who has been on fire for pretty much a third of his life.
* Though he doesn't look like a guy that's pushing thirty, these days. Age of X went and gave him a physical reboot, so he looks like he's plunking around in a body that's somewhere in its early twenties. He used to be the huge blue guy over at [livejournal.com profile] apocalipped.
* At least this means he gets to wear his leather again.

The Gorgon: Nikolai Bartamian
Nikolai is....

- From a superhero zombie novel by the name of Ex-Heroes, by Peter Clines.
- Which is part of a quadrilogy, someday to be a ... quintilogy? ... and aaaaah I need the new book like burning but I have to wait over half a year DON'T QUESTION MY TASTE.
- He's your typical asshole who happens to come from Hollywood and have superpowers. He poses a lot.
- He has himself a job and a place to live at the Arms Hotel. He still thinks he's going to get to go back to California again soon. He'd be wrong.
- He's started to develop a taste for vigilante justice. You might see a guy calling himself Gorgon and wearing some funky goggles running around knocking criminals out in Baltimore late at night.
- He really, really, really likes striking cowboy poses while he's in costume.
- Unless I state explicitly in narrative, please assume that he's always wearing a pair of dark mirrored sunglasses.
- Because if he's not wearing them, and you're not one of the undead, and you make eye-contact, you'll be falling over to have a long nap very soon after.
- I have a far more thorough infopost over here that explains his powers and the like. I'll probably point you to this post if you're likely to encounter them for some reason, but it's not super important otherwise.

The Angel: Warren Worthington III
Warren is....

* Is a mutant from that three-minute short about Warren that they made a few years back. I think it was called X3: The Last Stand or something like that... Shut up I'm allowed my denial.
* He graduated from Fandom High a while back and is currently hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] glacial_queen in Glacia.
* Consort to the Queen, loving fiancee, and surprisingly kickass with a pair of bladed sticks, thank you for that, [livejournal.com profile] offers_choices.
* He has wings. Perhaps you've noticed them. He doesn't hide them anymore- He used to, but after his time on Fandom Island and a stint in Sunnydale afterward, he's pretty much sworn off of ever concealing them again.
* He's got a healing factor, too. A pretty impressive one. It grew him back his wings when he tried to cut them off as a kid, back when. It's really been pulling its weight, since.
* He also has Daddy Issues. Which tend to happen when your father devotes a decade of your life to finding a wonder drug that will miraculously strip you of two limbs.
* He's still pretty soft-spoken compared to other, more comic-canon Warren Worthingtons, since his dad also made him strap his wings down and hide inside since the day he manifested. When he was about seven.
* He is never going to put on tights and run with the X-Men. Black leather like this sidebar picture, maybe... But the powder blue spandex look is not for him.
* The guy with more money than God. At least, if you ask Bobby ([livejournal.com profile] longislandiceme), his best buddy.
* From the Marvel Movieverse, which means that he's likely not going to know anybody from your Comic/Cartoon/etc. canon. Like, at all. Especially if you're an Avenger, apparently. Or Spider-Man. He was a bit of a shut-in and then movie canon and licensing issues had fun borking the rest. A lot.
* He's got claws on the ends of his fingers, now, thanks to the summer Lovecraft BDE the other year. He's a little squirmy about them, still. They're the only scars he has to his name, and they grow back if anything happens to his fingers, so on top of the whole SHARP THINGS ON MY HANDS issue, there's the AND MY HEALING FACTOR THINKS THEY BELONG HERE NOW one.
* For the first time in a long, long time, he actually know what it's like to be comfortable in his own skin, and that's awesome.
* Between the upcoming spoilers for Days of Future Past and the fact that Bryan Singer announced an Apocalypse movie for a few years from now, I'm terrified and/or excited. Anyone who knows Warren's comic counterpart's history will know why. I'll probably spend a lot of time drinking until 2016.

The Mun: A Weirdo
Shannon is...

* That would be me, Shannon, collector of super-powered social rejects, wearer of mismatched socks, eater of baby ferns.
* Lives on the East Coast of Canada, in that weird Atlantic timezone that most of you deny is a real thing.
* Works in the animation industry! Which didn't seem all that exciting until our studio scored a gig doing Teen Titans GO! for the Cartoon Network. I've also done revision animation for a show for Disney XD, and character animation for a few shows for the BBC.
* Yeah, I'm still awestruck about that. People see animation I made on Saturday mornings and I CANNOT DEAL.
* This also means that my availability is prone to shift around according to how heavy my quota is, week by week. I get some give in my hours and can sometimes ping from work, but when it heaps on, you might not see me for a few days at a time.
* I still sit on the Marvel end of the comic fan spectrum. As you might have gathered from my mutant harem up there. I'm a sellout to the other side and I'm fine with that.
* Is totally a Muppet.
* Is the one who does all of those little fairy icons that you might notice around the game. I commission those out about once a year through my personal LJ, in exchange for paid journal time, money on Paypal, or Amazon giftcards, as I am an icon addict. I'm open to negotiation about said commissions anytime, though. Just drop me a line via e-mail or over AIM if you need one OMG RIGHT NOW, or something, and I'll let you know if I can manage one or two around work.
* Does not say it like "Aboot" and doubts that any actual Canadian really does... Though she has in the past five years managed to pick up a disturbingly thick Maritime accent, so "Aboat" is a definite possibility.
* Loves meeting people! If you ever want to thread or plot, ping me. I can be reached on AIM via raspberryturk or soldierhonour, twitter at raspberryturk, tumblr at puffinmuffin, and e-mail at shannon.perry3d (at) gmail (dot) com.
* I might be super excited that the raspberryturk thing is relevant again.
* Careful, I bite.
* Not really.

In other news, I'm looking for someone to TA for Reno's doomsday class. Preference will be given to graduates who need a job in order to stick around on the island, of course, but if there aren't any alumni takers, I'll dip into the current student pool just as readily. Just comment here if you're interested! TA-related comments will be screened, and I'll bust out the RNG before class sign-ups close on the 30th if there are several takers.

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