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Office #7, Thursday Afternoon

Damn, he was going to miss this place.

Ah, there was the chair that Reno had sat in on Parents' Weekends. And there was the dust that he'd failed to acknowledge because, so help him, offices meant paperwork, and the last thing Reno wanted to be stuck doing was paperwork. And that was his best coffee mug!

... Smelled like ham.

So far as offices went, Reno kind of sucked at spending time in his, yeah. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to come in to clear out his crap. He and Rikku had handwavily decided that it was time to move on. They were both fighters, adventurers, and while Fandom had the occasional invasion and more Rookies than he could shake a stick at, they could just as well be sweeping dungeons for Tonberries or something. Doing some good in Spira for the Al Bhed. Moving forward, instead of the idle that they'd fallen into as of late.

Oh, hey! There was the pen that had dried out before he'd ever used it and then he'd shoved it into his desk because he was too lazy to make the reach to the wastepaper basket.


[Open if anyone has any reason to be in the school poking at the offices over break, or if anyone wants to call his cell or something. This is probably going to be Reno's last open post in Fandom, since he's gotta be outta here by tomorrow, yo.]
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Across an ocean, Romeo was bored. Painfully, infectiously bored.

For some reason, he decided this was Reno's problem and placed a phone call.

"Reno, tell me things there aren't as dull as things here."

Hello was for other people.
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"Classes were dull some weeks," Romeo said stubbornly. "Nothing else. But in truth, I'd take Tokyo over some black-and-white world. What are the people like?"
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"I always thought that was only in books for children, so they'd not be scared by the sirens," Romeo said. "I'm sure you stand out there more than a little."
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"Do you think the island will be snug at home before classes start again?" Romeo speculated. "You're likely right. It never went roving during the school year, as I remember."
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It wasn't Edge, and Romeo had never almost been killed by a dragon in Spira, but ...

"I thought you were both going to stay on Earth."

Romeo sounded a bit sulky and peevish, and there was even a guilty tinge to his thoughts.
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Romeo hesitated at that. Tokyo wasn't home for him either, even two years and more into his stay. But he knew he wouldn't leave until Dojima was ready to. Could he deny Reno the same, even if Spira was a bit less convenient for phone conversations than Tokyo?

"Aye," he said softly. "You wish to be with your lady, as you should. But, if ever your mind changes, you've a job in security with the Montagues. Just say the word."
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"Alas, all we have is human monsters, not the sort you mean," Romeo said, almost with regret. "Still. It is my home, and I love it. And I'd do everything I could to keep you busy if someday coming there made sense. But for now...."

He wasn't sure how to finish that sentence.
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"I doubt either of us ever thought it should bring us here, to start with," Romeo had to concede. He'd started jiggling one leg out of frustration. "I'll stay in touch, as much as we can."

He imagined places where you had to kill a bunch of monsters probably weren't big on proper mail service.
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"And come visit anytime you're on Earth," Romeo said. "We'd send portal tickets, if you need them. I wish I'd visited you this summer. There was no reason I couldn't have."

He shrugged, even though Reno couldn't see it. He always figured there'd be time. He'd been wrong.
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"Nowhere?" Romeo was skeptical -- despite his gratitude that he hadn't just missed the planning. "Nothing comes from nowhere, my man. What happened to change things?"
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"Mickey Mouse is an intimidating figure," Romeo said, flippant. "You're wise to flee."

It was as close as he would come to his true question, which was what the hell?.
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"Aye," Romeo said, brain reaching back to a time that felt like a dream. "I spent most of it working on my BlackBerry. Spoke to Arthur, though. And Rikku was --"


That was where he stopped, dimly remembering a bit of his conversation with the Al Bhed. "She was sad."
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"But it wasn't real," Romeo said, half to reassure himself. "'Tis a shadow, like -- Riina or Payido or the island with the vampires people tell us of. At least, I thought it so."

Maybe he'd been wrong, he realized as he ran a hand through his hair. "She must have thought it so herself at first, else she would have told you sooner."
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Romeo sighed, more heavily than he meant to. He agreed with Reno that it sounded as though Rikku was handling this badly; on the other hand, he wasn't sure what he would have done had Yurika been the one long in a grave at the reunion. Would he have been able to call it a shadow, and gone on as though nothing had changed? Or would he have been the one breaking down in front of a costumed character?

"She might feel more herself at home," he finally said. "That's what matters. As for the future ... there is no way to know of it until it gets here. But I want you around a long time."

Too many people weren't.
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"Not even a question," Romeo said firmly. He was shutting all other possibilities out of his mind. "And you had better call Dojima before you leave. I'd not deny you the pleasure of saying goodbye to her, too."

She would have a fit. But Romeo suspected Reno would miss that.
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"If she had to go that far, she'd pack a while library just to throw it," Romeo laughed. "And your head likely works better without books lodged in it."
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"You'll learn from the pain," Romeo said airily. He had a feeling it was time to draw this conversation to a close, before he got overly pouty about people moving on. "Anyhow. Godspeed and safe journeys, my friend."