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OOC: Attitude: Just Deal With It - Syllabus and Roster!

Here's the deal on Reno's Attitude: Just Deal With It workshop for the first summer term, Tuesdays, 2nd period!

Synopsis and Syllabus!
Are you a nerd? A wimp? A geek? A loser in any way, shape, or form? This workshop might just be able to help you along. Whether you’re looking to better understand those guys who enjoy bullying you, or you’re hoping to refine your image so that you, too, can pick on the geeks, wimps, and other losers, this workshop will provide you with the foundations you need to help you embrace your inner badass.

This class is going to more or less be an all-around bad influence class, as only Reno can provide it. He won’t be promoting any dangerous habits (smoking and drinking won’t even get a mention, despite his tendency to abuse the hell out of both), but he will be using every possible opportunity to promote serious attitude readjustments, breaking the rules just for the sake of doing so, getting down with your lazy self, maybe considering a tattoo... You know, all that stuff that your parents wouldn't let you consider doing when you were in high school, because your parents are presumably far more well-adjusted than Reno ever was. A rough syllabus is as follows:

- Obscene gestures and dirty words.
- Wardrobe! Your Image.
- When a rule is just a guideline.
- Gossip! Good times, yo!
- Badass hobbies.
- Making 'hardcore' into a career choice.
- Final: Hangin’ around with your badass self.

... And by 'rough,' I mean very rough. Reno has a tendency to go off on tangents at the best of times, so the odds are fairly high that he'll start a lecture talking about getting involved in sports, and then he'll take you skydiving, because... why the hell not?

Class Roster!
TA: Dru Anderson
TA: Effy Stonem
Chloe Saunders
Dave Nelson
Freddie Benson
George Lass
Marshall Wheeler
Nathan Young
Noah Puckerman
Peter Wiggin
Seifer Almasy
Stan Marsh
William Murdoch

Questions? Comments? Anything that you absolutely OMG MUST see in this class? I'm easy. Reno's easy. I can probably work it in.

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