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Office Hours, Sunday

Aww, yeah. Reno could get used to this having-an-office-of-his-own shit.

It wasn't that he had any great plans for it or anything. Hell, he hadn't even really thought about spending any time in here right up until yesterday when he figured that he should show up in order to do that parent-teacher interview crap. But this was the place, the one place in the whole freaking multiverse, where he could walk in, toss his shit on his desk, put his feet up, and never have to worry about Tseng beaking at him about the use of filing cabinets. Or about Rikku's recent invasion of fuzzy orange home decor shit.

Yep. Reno could live with this.

If anybody came in looking for an interview with the Unconventional Tactics teacher today, they'd find him with his chair leaning backwards, his feet up on his desk, and a lazy grin on his face.

Heh. They gave him an office. How friggin' messed up was that?


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And look, the Rookie was in the doorway, smiling with amusement.

"Corrupt any young minds today?"

Don't mind the happy glow. Serious.

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"If someone shat in my cereal, I wouldn't be that happy about it," Elena said mildly, taking a seat in his office. "I like this island. I missed it. I've been staying in Edge, remember?"

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"It happens," she said. "You just have to accept the ... Zen of it, whatever that means."

She facepalmed, laughing at herself. "I'm grinning? Do I look like a complete idiot?"

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Elena opened her mouth. Closed it again. Laughed, again.

"I can't tell you," she said. "You might fuck it up. And you're not allowed to fuck this up for me."

She would cut his heart out and set it on fire. Seriously.

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"It's not just me," she said, rolling her eyes. "You would harass him about it because you can't ever not give Tseng shit about something and then what? Then it's ruined for me anyway, because --"

Hey, Elena? You already said most of it.

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Elena was trying to glare. It wasn't going very well.

"Is that why you left him so many pictures of your dick?" she asked.

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"You think he's tit-phobic?" she said, blushing despite herself. She should not be discussing her boss-and-probably-BOYFRIEND-for-actual-real-and-everything like this. "That could be a problem."

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Elena had to roll her eyes. It was Reno. She couldn't be surprised by that, no.

"I'm going to assume he's not," she said, flushing again. "And no, you won't get updates if he is."

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It was like Reno and Rude were telepathic. They exchanged a look and had detailed conversations.

Especially impressive, since Rude hardly ever changed expression.

"You're going to sic Rude on us?" she said, mood dampening slightly at the prospect of a tag-team coordinated attack. "And you're surprised I didn't want to tell you?"

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"It would have at least given us more time before you guys fucked it up," she grumbled.

It had been hard enough trying to get Tseng into a it-probably-counted-as-a-relationship-at-this-point, without outside interference.

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"You wouldn't do it on purpose," Elena sighed. "You'd just tease him so much that he got weird about it and broke it off, and then I'd be back where I started."

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Elena hesitated, biting her lip, before deciding to spill the rest of it.

Because, well. Reno was right. If he didn't hear it from her, it'd be worse.

"We've been dating ... sort of ... I think ... since graduation," she said, carefully. "We didn't actually kiss until this morning."

Perhaps Reno underestimated how amazingly fucking fragile this was?

Unless Tseng was coming around. He had answered the door half-naked.

Not that he had known it was her. Still nice.

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Elena seemed to be holding her breath.

"... That's it?" she said. "No cracks about him being a eunuch, no pointing and laughing? Really?"

Give her a moment to process, here.

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"I just meant --"

Whoa. Hang on.

"... holy shit."

That was ... that was ...

that was fucking disturbing.
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Elena was going to facepalm. What exactly was the world coming to? Reno wore a ring, and lived with a girl who couldn't dress herself. She and Tseng had made out in his hotel room. Only Rude seemed to have avoided the craziness. Maybe he was immune.

"I will never get used to that," she said. Reno. Girlfriend. Nope.

At the same time, Reno might actually be a good source of advice. He was the first Turk in a long time to make a relationship work.

Unless you counted Verdot, and you really shouldn't, considering how that ended.

"Okay, so ... you ... think it's good that we're going slow?" she asked. "It wasn't ... planned or anything, I just decided to ... I don't know. Back off? If we're going to dinner, we'll go to dinner, and if he drops me off and goes back to the office without a kiss, then that's fine, we'll have dinner another time."

Pushing only made him retreat. So she'd stopped pushing, and when that had worked, had held her breath trying desperately not to fuck up.

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She and Rosalind really should compare notes, at some point. But that would involve telling Rosalind about her and Tseng, and she was worried how that would go over.

"Did you have to, with your girl?" she asked. "How did that happen, anyway?"

Because ... seriously.

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"I figured out what his name meant, in Wutaian," she offered. Hey, it was something, wasn't it?

And please hold while Elena tried to picture Reno taking things slowly with some girl. Dates? From the guy who tried banging the waitress any time he went out for food?

"Why?" she asked, finally. "I mean ... you meet a girl, she won't sleep with you, so ..."

It didn't follow. She couldn't wrap her head around the start of it.

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That was ... perhaps the least expected answer she could have gotten.

"I never pegged you for a romantic," she said.

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That earned him a stuck-out tongue.

"Right, wherever could I have gotten a crazy idea like that?"

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"It wasn't even me you were angry at, anyway," said Elena, in a rare moment of insight.

Okay, she'd been annoying, but all Rookies were annoying.

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"It'd still taste better than Corel Ale," Elena shuddered. "Any chance I can get you to send me some decent liquor from here?"