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Office Hours, Saturday

So, Reno was perhaps dimly aware, after an evening spent dealing with every incarnation of every Turk he'd ever known to set foot on the island, that another point of this Parenty... Weekendish... thing was so that the folks (or annoying employers, as he'd had checking up on him while he was a student here) of the students could talk to the teachers, or some crap like that.

Which was why by some miracle, he'd managed to drag his ass out of bed and, after leaving a note for Rikku and Rude that he was going to be doing things that kind of resembled work, he shuffled his way to his office.

... Oh, so that was what his office looked like. Huh. Better than the one he'd had with the Turks. Maybe he'd have to start spending more time in this thing. But for now, he'd worry about what the hell he was supposed to tell any parents who wanted to talk to him about what the hell that 'Doomsday' and 'Rookiehood' and 'Unconventional Tactics' junk was supposed to mean.

There wasn't enough rum in his coffee for this.

[Open to visitors and students and whatever the heck!]

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"Master Reno?" Luke said from the door.

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"I was wondering how my son Ben was doing," he said with a slight smile. "He speaks quite highly of your class."

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Luke looked pleased. "I'm glad to hear it. I don't worry that he will forget his Jedi lessons--Ben has never forgotten a thing in his life--but it is nice to hear another perspective." He smiled. "I can be a little biased."

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"I think I get only the highlights," Luke replied with a small smile. "The 'I'm totally fine, ignore the new bruises, here's the funny story' part of the island."

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Luke nodded. "I agree. Our family, back home, casts a rather long shadow, and Ben is still finding his way so he can discover how he will join it."

Luke had hopes of Ben eventually following him as Jedi Grand Master, but he wasn't sharing that with anyone.

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Luke nodded. "That puts a different type of pressure on him," he said. "He's the furthest end of the timeline and he's rather inclined to keep things bottled up inside in general, but every now and then I get a garbled and panicked call from him as he worries about ruining everything for everyone inadvertently."

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"Most of Ben's friends also seem like the type," Luke said with a tiny smile. "I don't know if it's because he's drawn to them, or it's the majority of the school."

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Luke nodded, looking thoughtful. "He's started a club for people who've lost someone close to them. It's sad that others know what he's talking about."

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"I thought myself quite grown up at 18," Luke said with a wry smile. "As I look back, my sixteen year old son is more mature than I was at 20."

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Luke's smile grew. "I'm glad you know the difference as well. It makes for an astute teacher."

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"No," Luke said, standing up. "Thank you for your time."

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Tori didn't generally bother with things like knocking, open door or no.

"If you're not protecting my best friend, I'm going to kick your fucking ass."

Yes, because that was going to make a favorable impression.

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"Tori Enright," she said, folding her arms and leaning against the wall. "My friend is Chloe Saunders."

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Tori just stared. "She hasn't told you? God, that is so... so... her."

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"Long story short, Chloe's part of an experiment," Tori said. "Bunch of us are. Or to be more accurate, we're the result of an experiment. And now the people who ran it... well, they kinda want to kill us."

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"Basically? Go with that ass kicking thing," Tori advised. "You really can't go wrong with it. Because the Edison Group will stop at pretty much nothing to get to us."