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OOC: Infopost! The Currently-Up-To-Date Edition!

It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I think we might actually have some shiny newness in the game this time around (Hi, Shiny Newness!), and so here I go, hopping merrily onto the old bandwagon.

The Turk: Reno
Reno is....

* A former alumni of Fandom High, he came back to the island at the beginning of the summer in order to teach, and now you mooks ain't gonna be able to get rid of him.
* He will be teaching Unconventional Tactics this semester, which is going to actually have a syllabus, when I get off my butt to post it.
* A natural ginger. No, really. The blue in his eyes is less natural, however.
* The fastest of the Turks. Blink and you miss him.
* The go-to guy if you're all wee and impressionable and you need someone to take you under his wing. He has a small gaggle of rookies on the island, now. They all seem to be wee blonde girls.
* That guy with the speech tic that has him saying "yo" and variations of it after almost everything he says. You get used to it. Or you don't.
* That guy with the face tattoos. The red things, under his eyes. He has other ink, which he got since coming to Fandom. The sun on his bicep, and the baby chocobo with a bottle of mezcal on his butt, however, aren't nearly as obvious as those ones on his face.
* Trouble. And he knows it.
* Guilty. Get over it, 'guilty' is totally my type. His world was almost obliterated, and he was among the obliterators. So he has his reasons.
* He's got Big Secrets about one of your classmates *CoughZackCough* that may or may not come out as time goes by. We'll see.
* The owner of a dumbass ferret named Mako. The caretaker of his girlfriend's cat, Cuban Pete. And the unfortunate guy that a random duck seems to have moved in with. There's a story behind the duck, I promise.
* A helicopter pilot, and damn proud of it.
* Rikku's boyfriend.
* A total dipshit when he wants to be. A total hardass when he needs to be. And a professional asshole.
* A wee bit of an AU thanks to a movie that retconned itself. Thanks for that Advent Children remake, Square-Enix.
* And if you want his original infopost, it can be found over here.

The Angel: Warren Worthington III
Warren is....

* The guy with more money than God. At least, if you ask [livejournal.com profile] longislandiceme.
* A mutant. Not really an angel. You can probably tell by looking at him that he's not quite your average human, as he doesn't tend to hide his pair of feathered wings from the residents of the island anymore. If he is hiding them, I'll say so in narrative. Beyond the wings, he's got other powers from canon, which you can read about at length in his original infopost.
* From the Marvel Movieverse, which means that he's likely not going to know anybody from your Comic/Cartoon/etc. canon. Like, at all. He was a bit of a shut-in and then movie canon had fun borking the rest.
* Working on being more outgoing. Because the movieverse functions so drastically differently, this Warren tends more toward shy than his other-universe counterparts.
* Toting around a whole crate of daddy issues on his shoulders. He's a runaway, you see.
* Apparently totally incapable of going out with Kate ([livejournal.com profile] vanillajello) without it becoming a total disaster.
* Far more capable of going out with Karla ([livejournal.com profile] glacial_witch) without fear of repercussions, unless those repercussions are from her protective friends. Pineapple is totally their inside joke for kissing. Curry is much hotter than that.
* Capable of flight without running into things, now! His first time in the air was at the beginning of the year, so he's growing more confident in his flying abilities, but could still use some practise.
* And if you want his original infopost, it can be found over here.

The Psionic Furnace: Jonothon Starsmore
Jono is...

* Emo. And goth. Emoth? Gemo?
* Perpetually on fire from the mouth to the bellybutton. He keeps it all hidden under bandages, typically, but the burn scars on his face are still visible.
* This means, unfortunately, that he can't eat. Can't speak aloud. Can't kiss (to his great woe). He makes up for the not talking thing by speaking telepathically. With a British accent. Snarkily.
* He was dating Didi ([livejournal.com profile] living_endless), or Death of the Endless. Until... an ending that had me crying like a baby all through this stupid week darnit, so he's going to be pretty down in the dumps for a while.
* Far more of a woobie than he'll ever let on. Honest.
* He's a musician. He's gotten far more opportunity to play with his music here on Fandom Island than canon ever really affords him. Mean canon. Mean.
* He's not only been employed at the school library as an aide for ages now, he's also the guy who runs the Groovy Tunes in town. If you want a job at the music store, he's the guy to see, and he'll be happy to bring in any music you have your heart set on.
* He has a bit of an aura. You know. One of those huge, sprawling, technicolour ones, which you're welcome to see if you have a character who is aura-sensitive.
* And he's kinda stinky. That sort of 'burning tires' smell that you'd expect from a dude who has been on fire for something like a year and a half or so, now.
* And if you want his original infopost, you can see it over here.

The Puppy: Zack Fair
Zack is...

* Adorable and bouncy and also adorable.
* About mid-canon, now. If you're familiar with Crisis Core at all, that unhappy stuff from Modeoheim happened around the beginning of April. He's working through it, now.
* Probably the only character I will ever play who believes in the healing powers of the human heart, and sunshine and lollipops and rainbows and all of that junk.
* A guy with eyes so blue, they might as well be luminescent. This blue does not exist in nature. Really. Well, maybe the sky. This is very noticeable, yes.
* The owner of a rather large sword. In fact, it now is the iconic rather large sword.
* Made of UST. Made of it. With everyone he talks to. Ever. It's canon. If you are within his line of sight, there's a good chance that you'll be inadvertently flirted with.
* Oddly prone to befriending everyone he meets. Everyone. He loves you alllll.
* From another world, yes, but that other world is surprisingly modern, monsters and magic aside.
* A GaryStu in the worst way. The worst way ever. And yes, I admit that. Heck, so does Square-Enix.
* The owner of Mr. Winkles, the world's most psychopathic gerbil. He was a present from Deadpool ([livejournal.com profile] mouthy_merc). Awwww.
* Ino's ([livejournal.com profile] flowering_mind) boyfriend. Yes! They've finally admitted it! ... It took them a while. But that's okay. They were comfortable.
* The Important Part is Here: If you happen to be one of the people in-game who either already knows or stumbles across the details of Zack's future, I would appreciate so very much if you don't spoil him about it. He knows about the state of Midgar in several years time, he's been told and now it's going to eat away at him until the end. But if you tell him about his personal fate, I will personally hunt you down and beat on you with wet noodles. Along the same line, if you know, please don't run around broadcasting that information to other characters unless you get the permission of both myself and the player of the character you're blabbing to. If your character does know for some reason, pleasepleaseplease e-mail me or ping me on AIM so that we can work around it. Thank you.
* And if you want his original infopost, you can see it over here.

The Mun: A Weirdo
Shannon is...

* The mun formerly known as iBook/Macbeef/Macbeth.
* Is not giving you eye candy of herself. Have my kitty, instead.
* Hooked on Final Fantasy and X-Men things. I blame Relly for the first. I blame everyone else for the second.
* Is the one who does all of those little fairy icons that you might notice around the game. I commission those out about once a semester through my personal LJ, in exchange for paid journal time, as I am an icon whore. I'm open to negotiation about said commissions anytime, though. Just drop me a line via e-mail or over AIM if you need one OMG RIGHT NOW, or something.
* Owned by a bird and a cat and wants fish. And a ferret. And maybe rats... Rats would be cool, right?
* The sort who probably has a type. If so, it is apparently "Male." Or, better yet, "Male and tortured and in denial about it la la la la la denial is pretty!" Or, lately, "Male, tortured, and with some kind of tie to a government organization of some sort." Or... maybe just "Weird."
* Lives on the East coast of Canada! In that magical time zone that America doesn't actually have. Which means I go to bed about an hour or so before a large chunk of the game does, and possibly before some people on the West coast even get home from work.
* And so slowplay is love, always.
* Currently unemployed, but will be starting a full-time 3D Game Animation course in October, and I have no idea what that will do with my availability just yet. I'll make it work. That's how I roll.
* Can be reached on AIM at raspberryturk or soldierhonour, with that 'U' in there because I am Canadian, dangit. *Hugs a moose.*
* Does not say it like "Aboot" and doubts that any actual Canadian really does... Though she has in the past year and a half managed to pick up a disturbingly thick Maritime accent, so "Aboat" is a definite possibility.
* Does, however, say "Yo," but I blame that on Reno.
* Loves meeting people! If you ever want to thread or plot, ping me. I don't bite. :)

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